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Lanzaa commented Jul 5, 2012

The 6 tutorials coded in perl with the Net::RabbitFoot library.


majek commented Jul 6, 2012

To run this code you need to intall Net::RabbitFoot
For tutorial six UUID::Tiny needs to be installed.

How do I do it? apt-get what?


Lanzaa commented Jul 6, 2012

I'm not sure how explicit to be for the install instructions. CPAN is the normal way of installing perl modules.

Should I include links that explain CPAN a bit better?


majek commented Jul 6, 2012

Assuming I'm on a fresh ubuntu, and I know nothing about perl. Assuming I have rabbitmq server running. What should I type to run your code?


Lanzaa commented Jul 7, 2012

Ubuntu made that a lot harder than I expected. Could you take a look at the instructions I added and let me know if they are acceptable?


emile commented Jul 9, 2012

Hi Colin, Thanks for contributing Perl translations of the tutorials. Would you be able to respond to the following feedback on your merge request?

There are spelling errors that hamper interoperability testing.

The RabbitFoot library makes it look like default connection arguments can be
provided with a config.json. It would be ideal if only the host was specified,
like all the other languages do.

Only some connections have a "timeout" parameter, it is not clear why this is
required. The other languages do not specify this so it should be omitted if
not required. (and possibly others) specify a return handler. No other languages
include this so it should be omitted if not required.

It would be more in keeping with the other implementations if the RPC client
had a method that accepted and argument to demonstrate RPC, rather than
publishing a messages with a fixed argument.

@Lanzaa Lanzaa Improve perl tutorial files.
Fixed a few spelling errors. Removed unnecessary timeout argument from
some connections. Removed on_return callback from Modified
rpc_client to allow parameter passing. Added autoflush, $|++, to allow
for automated testing.

Lanzaa commented Jul 11, 2012

I found and fixed some spelling errors. If there are more could you point them out? I removed the timeout parameter, removed the on_return oddity, and modified rpc_client to allow passing an argument.

There is not much documentation on using a config.json to specify default parameters. It only seems to appear in the code for testing Net::RabbitFoot. As such, I have left in the connection arguments. The rpc client could be further improved to reuse one connection for multiple rpc calls, but I lack the time to fix it at the moment.

@emile emile added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 16, 2012

@emile emile Merge pull request #13 from Lanzaa/master
Add tutorial files for perl.
Thanks to Lanzaa.

@emile emile merged commit 7968a89 into rabbitmq:master Jul 16, 2012

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