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Clojure code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find Clojure code examples from RabbitMQ tutorials.


To run this code you need Leiningen.

These tutorials will work on JDK 6 through 8 (Oracle or OpenJDK).


Code examples are executed via lein run:

Tutorial one: "Hello World!":

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.send
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.receive

Tutorial two: Work Queues:

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.new-task
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.worker

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.receive-logs
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.emit-log

Tutorial four: Routing

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.receive-logs-direct
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.emit-log-direct info

Tutorial five: Topics

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.receive-logs-topic
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.emit-log-topic info

Tutorial six: RPC

lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.rpc-server
lein run -m rabbitmq.tutorials.rpc-client

To learn more, visit Langohr documentation site.