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Dotnet C# code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find the C# code examples for RabbitMQ tutorials.

To successfully use the examples you will need a running RabbitMQ server.


Requirements on Windows

We're using the command line (start->run cmd.exe) to compile and run -p the code. Alternatively you could use Visual Studio and NuGet package, but this set of tutorials assumes the command line.

Requirements on Linux


Each command is best run in a separate console/terminal instance run from the root of the tutorial directory.

First run the script. This will run dotnet restore and build each project which is required before they can be run. Alternatively or if you are on windows cd into each project and run dotnet restore manually.

Tutorial one: "Hello World!"

dotnet run -p Receive
dotnet run -p Send

Tutorial two: Work Queues

dotnet run -p Worker
dotnet run -p NewTask

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogs
dotnet run -p EmitLog

Tutorial four: Routing

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogsDirect info
dotnet run -p EmitLogDirect

Tutorial five: Topics

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogsTopic
dotnet run -p EmitLogTopic

Tutorial six: RPC

dotnet run -p RPCServer
dotnet run -p RPCClient