Dotnet C# code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find the C# code examples for RabbitMQ tutorials.

To successfully use the examples you will need a running RabbitMQ server.


Requirements on Windows

We're using the command line (start->run cmd.exe) to compile and run -p the code. Alternatively you could use Visual Studio and NuGet package, but this set of tutorials assumes the command line.

Requirements on Linux


Each command is best run -p in a separate console/terminal instance run from the root of the tutorial directory.

Tutorial one: "Hello World!"

dotnet run -p Receive
dotnet run -p Send

Tutorial two: Work Queues

dotnet run -p Worker
dotnet run -p NewTask

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogs
dotnet run -p EmitLog

Tutorial four: Routing

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogsDirect info
dotnet run -p EmitLogDirect

Tutorial five: Topics

dotnet run -p ReceiveLogsTopic
dotnet run -p EmitLogTopic

Tutorial six: RPC

dotnet run -p RPCServer
dotnet run -p RPCClient