Erlang code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find a Erlang code examples from RabbitMQ tutorials.

This code is using RabbitMQ Erlang Client (User Guide).


To run this code you need at least Erlang R13B03, on Ubuntu you can get it using apt:

sudo apt-get install erlang

You need Erlang Client binaries:

unzip rabbit_common-2.7.0.ez
ln -s rabbit_common-2.7.0 rabbit_common

unzip amqp_client-2.7.0.ez
ln -s amqp_client-2.7.0 amqp_client


Tutorial one: "Hello World!":


Tutorial two: Work Queues:

./new_task.erl "A very hard task which takes two seconds.."

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe:

./emit_log.erl "info: This is the log message"

Tutorial four: Routing:

./receive_logs_direct.erl info
./emit_log_direct.erl info Hello

Tutorial five: Topics:

./receive_logs_topic.erl "*.rabbit"
./emit_log_topic.erl red.rabbit Hello