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Haskell code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find Haskell code examples from RabbitMQ tutorials.


To run this code you need Network.AMQP.

Running the examples with stack

  1. Install stack.
  2. Run the scripts via stack FILE ARGS instead of runhaskell FILE ARGS. (This installs ghc, plus amqp and other required packages for you.)


Code examples are executed via runhaskell:

Tutorial one: "Hello World!":

runhaskell send.hs
runhaskell receive.hs

Tutorial two: Work Queues:

runhaskell newTask.hs hello world
runhaskell worker.hs

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe

runhaskell receiveLogs.hs
runhaskell emitLog.hs hello world

Tutorial four: Routing

runhaskell receiveLogsDirect.hs info warn
runhaskell emitLogDirect.hs warn "a warning"

Tutorial five: Topics

runhaskell receiveLogsTopic.hs info warn
runhaskell emitLogTopic.hs warn "a warning"

Tutorial six: RPC

runhaskell rpcServer.hs
runhaskell rpcClient.hs

To learn more, see Network.AMQP.