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PHP code for RabbitMQ tutorials

Here you can find PHP code examples from RabbitMQ tutorials.

To successfully use the examples you will need a running RabbitMQ server.


Additionally you need PHP 5.3 and php-amqplib. To get these dependencies on Ubuntu type:

sudo apt-get install git-core php5-cli

Then you can install php-amqplib using Composer.

To do that install Composer and add it to your path, then run the following command inside this project folder:

composer.phar install


Tutorial one: "Hello World!":

php send.php
php receive.php

Tutorial two: Work Queues:

php new_task.php "A very hard task which takes two seconds.."
php worker.php

Tutorial three: Publish/Subscribe

php receive_logs.php
php emit_log.php "info: This is the log message"

Tutorial four: Routing:

php receive_logs_direct.php info
php emit_log_direct.php info "The message"

Tutorial five: Topics:

php receive_logs_topic.php "*.rabbit"
php emit_log_topic.php red.rabbit Hello

Tutorial six: RPC:

php rpc_server.php
php rpc_client.php