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RabbitMQ-Web-Stomp plugin

This project is a simple bridge between "RabbitMQ-stomp" plugin and SockJS.

Once started the plugin opens a SockJS endpoint on prefix "/stomp" on port 15674, for example a valid SockJS endpoint url may look like: "".

Once the server is started you should be able to establish a SockJS connection to this url. You will be able to communicate using the usual STOMP protocol over it. For example, a page using Jeff Mesnil's "stomp-websocket" project and SockJS may look like this:

<script src="sockjs-0.3.min.js"></script>
<script src="stomp.js"></script>
    Stomp.WebSocketClass = SockJS;

    var client = Stomp.client('');
    var on_connect = function() {
    var on_error =  function() {
    client.connect('guest', 'guest', on_connect, on_error, '/');

See the "RabbitMQ-Web-Stomp-examples" plugin for more details.


Generic build instructions are at:

Instructions on how to install a plugin into RabbitMQ broker:

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