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Software Engineering

◻️ SOFTWARE ENGINEERING - Report on a conference sponsored by the NATO SCIENCE COMMITTEE

Functional programming


◻️ Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs
🔳 Why Functional Programming Matters by J. Hughes
◻️ The essence of functional programming by Philip Wadler

A bit of history

◻️ Some History of Functional Programming Languages by D. A. Turner
◻️ The Conception, Evolution, and Application of Functional Programming Languages by Paul Hudak
◻️ History of Lambda-calculus and Combinatory Logic by Felice Cardone and J. Roger Hindley
🔳 Propositions as Types by Philip Wadler

Strong Functional Programming

◻️ Elementary Strong Functional Programming by D. A. Turner
◻️ A Tutorial Implementation of a Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus

Monads, monads everywhere

◻️ Monads for functional programming by Philip Wadler
◻️ Monad Transformers Step by Step

Recursion schemas

◻️ Recursion Schemas from Comonads by Tarmo Uustalu
◻️ Unifying Structured Recursion Schemes by Ralf Hinze, Nicolas Wu and Jeremy Gibbons
◻️ Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire by Erik Meijer Maarten, Fokkinga and Ross Paterson


◻️ Purely Functional Data Structures by Chris Okasaki
◻️ Program Design by Calculation by J.N.Oliveira (draft)
◻️ Adaptive Lock-Free Maps: Purely-Functional to Scalable by Ryan R. Newton Peter P. Fogg Ali Varamesh
◻️ Adaptive lock-free maps: purely-functional to scalable
🔳 Recursive types for free! by Philip Wadler
◻️ Theroems for free! by Philip Wadler


◻️ A Gentle Introduction to Haskell by Paul Hudak, John Peterson and Joseph Fasel
◻️ A History of Haskell: Being Lazy With Class


◻️ Comparison of Erlang Runtime System and Java Virtual Machine