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Releases: rabbitvcs/rabbitvcs

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This is our first release that works with both GTK+3 and Python 3! It removes support for GTK+2. It also includes a bunch of bug fixes that should make this release more stable and reliable.

  • Migrated to GTK+3, GTK+2 is no longer supported
  • Now support python 3
  • Improved the annotate window
  • Allow for setting a default commit message
  • Add support for Pluma text editor
  • Rename the nautilus-3 and thunar-gtk3 clients to nautilus and thunar, previous clients are removed
  • Pulled in nemo extension
  • Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements
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Update subversion to only save status objects for files and directori…

…es in the current view
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  • Issue 316 Enhancement Colour-code entries in log
  • Issue 336 Enhancement Copy to clipboard from revision log
  • Issue 352 Enhancement Filter by Author or Date in Log/revision history
  • Issue 358 Enhancement Rethink layout of nautllus properties dialog
  • Issue 496 Enhancement Keyboard shortcut for closing dialogues
  • Issue 510 Enhancement RabbitVCS Git fetch --all
  • Issue 645 Enhancement Refresh in the commit-dialog
  • Issue 675 Enhancement Copy svn log to clipboard
  • Issue 703 Enhancement When viewing changes, allow multiple selections
  • Issue 714 Defect Regression - shortcut keys for closing log dialog
  • Issue 715 Defect Regression - filtering a log displays the wrong selections in the files UI.
  • Issue 720 Defect Regression - Forward buttons no longer enabled
  • Issue 728 Enhancement Nemo integration
  • Issue 843 Defect
  • Issue 692 Enhancement Apply patch by Francis Bisson for Caja integration
  • Issue 492 Defect Add the effective user id into the generated file paths