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1. Use 32bit per pixel on Dove for graphics overlay.

   RGB are 24bit and 8bit as alpha key for transparency
2. Hack to disable eglCreateContext that Dove GL driver doesn't like. Needs to be
   sorted out
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1 parent 97f80f5 commit e23029762626f4a567b9449ac07e6bbdb49bfccc @rabeeh committed Dec 18, 2011
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  1. +7 −1 xbmc/windowing/X11/WinSystemX11GLES.cpp
8 xbmc/windowing/X11/WinSystemX11GLES.cpp
@@ -34,8 +34,12 @@
using namespace std;
// Comment out one of the following defines to select the colourspace to use
-//#define RGBA8888
+/* For dove we use 32 bit per pixel on graphics overlay */
+#define RGBA8888
#define RGB565
#if defined(RGBA8888)
#define RSIZE 8
@@ -385,11 +389,13 @@ bool CWinSystemX11GLES::RefreshEGLContext()
if (m_eglContext)
eglDestroyContext(m_eglDisplay, m_eglContext);
+#ifndef HAS_DOVE_OVERLAY /* Dove GL engine doesn't like the following. Probably EGL_NO_CONTEXT flag */
if ((m_eglContext = eglCreateContext(m_eglDisplay, eglConfig, EGL_NO_CONTEXT, contextAttributes)) == EGL_NO_CONTEXT)
CLog::Log(LOGERROR, "EGL Error: Could not create context");
return false;
if ((m_eglContext = eglCreateContext(m_eglDisplay, eglConfig, m_eglContext, contextAttributes)) == EGL_NO_CONTEXT)

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