Perl script goes through homework files for Gatech's CS 1371 and makes sure they fit the requirements for the autograder
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This is a short perl script I wrote back in Fall 2012. It goes through homework files for Gatech's CS 1371 and makes sure they fit the requirements for the autograder.

This perl script reads uncompiled matlab scripts (commonly .m files), and looks for problems that may arise with the Auto-Grader programs used by professors and TA's at Georgia Tech.

Written by Charles Knight


This program does NOT do assignments for you or have any information about homework assignments. You are totally allowed to use it in class. It isn't an error checker or a test case program; instead, it looks for problems which are only an issue with the GT Auto-Grader, but compile fine in MATLAB. I MAKE NO GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL CATCH ALL ERRORS. I have tested every case I can think of, but that doesn't make it infallible.

Also note that this script is from several semsters ago, and may not check for everything that you can't do with the autograder.


  • checks that you have suppressed the output of your lines (using semicolons)
  • checks for functions you aren't allowed to use, e.g. disp
  • lines that contain the words REMOVE or TEST in all caps will be commented out (for text code, etc)
  • lines that contain the word TODO in all caps will raise a warning (in case you forgot to go back and fix something)


You can now scan an entire directory. Just do perl -d [my/homework/directory/]


This was written for and tested on Linux, and nowhere else. Linux users should be able to do perl [myfile.m] from terminal. If that doesn't work, do a sudo chmod 755 first.


Mac OSX users should be able to use this just fine, but be sure you install perl first. After that, just do perl [myfile.m] in a terminal.


Windows users may be out of luck. You can look into Perl2Exe, a freeware program online somewhere. I've never used it, so I don't know if it will work. You will also need to change the 'system()' lines at the end of the program as directed, or else the program will not be able to save your changes.

One last thing: if you end up using this regularly, let me know. I would love the feedback. Good luck!