This is a two-column transfer multi-select widget inspired by Django admin module's similar widget.
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Welcome to bootstrapTransfer. This is a two-column transfer multi-select widget. It is inspired by Django admin module's similar widget. The look and feel is designed to blend with twitter bootstrap (2.0+), jQuery 1.7+ is assumed.

Usage :

First, in your html create a div and give it some id:

<div id="test"></div>

It is possible to set a width value whose bootstrapTransfer will use for the generated widget:

<div id="test" style="width:500px;"></div>

Also you can add some bootstrap classes such as 'input-xlarge' in forms:

<div id="test" class="input-xlarge"></div>

Now call bootstrapTransfer on the corresponding jquery object and add some values:

$(function() {
    var t = $('#test').bootstrapTransfer();
        {value:"1", content:"Apple"},
        {value:"2", content:"Orange"},
        {value:"3", content:"Banana"},
        {value:"4", content:"Peach"},
        {value:"5", content:"Grapes"}

You can get the selected values any time:


Setting new values is straightforward:

t.set_values(["2", "4"]);

Alternatively, you can access the plugin object directly from the selector:

$('#test').data().bootstrapTransfer.set_values(["2", "4"])

Note that the order of the items at population time is allways preserved in both get_values and set_values.

Options are:

target_id : the id of the internal select element, useful for wiring events and such
height : the height of the select columns, default value is '10em'
hilite_selection: if true will hilite the moved items between the columns, default value is true


    {'target_id': 'multi-select-input'
     'height': '15em',
     'hilite_selection': false});

I hope you find this widget useful.