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Word Embeddings (Word2Vec) for Nepali Language
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Word Embeddings (Word2Vec) for Nepali Language

Word Embeddings for Nepali Language

This pre-trained Word2Vec model has 300-dimensional vectors for more than 0.5 million Nepali words and phrases. A separate Nepali language text corpus was created using the news contents freely available in the public domain. The text corpus contained more than 100 million running words.

Word2Vec Model

  • Embeddings Dimension: 300
  • Architecture: Continuous - BOW
  • Training algorithm: Negative sampling = 15
  • Context (window) size: 10
  • Token minimum count: 2
  • Encoded in UTF-8

Download the model from here:

(Size: 1,881,180,827 bytes and File Type: .txt)

Using the Word2Vec model

from gensim.models import KeyedVectors

# Load vectors
model = KeyedVectors.load_word2vec_format(''.../path/to/nepali_embeddings_word2vec.txt', binary=False)

# find similarity between words

#most similar words

#try some linear algebra maths with Nepali words
model.most_similar(positive=['', ''], negative=[''], topn=1)

The desing of the Nepali text corpus and the training of the Word2Vec model was done in Lab-03, School of Computer and System Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

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