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1. User tests have been done to verify that the
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Rabix Composer

Tests Tests

Rabix Composer is an open source visual editor for Common Workflow Language documents.

It has a graphical mode allowing drag and drop creation of workflows and a wizard for creation of individual tools.


It also has a text mode for entering CWL code directly. The graphical and text modes work seamlessly together.

Graphical to Text and back again!



The current release requires Node 8 to build properly. In an upcoming release we will update the code and dependencies so that they will work on the latest node.

The npm package n can be helpful in managing node versions, especially on macOS Catalina, where Python2 has been removed.

The following commands should all be done using node8

git clone
cd composer
yarn install

If you are using Linux:

Install node.js from

Install yarn using Linux instructions provided on

Starting the dev environment

yarn run serve // starts the dev server
yarn run compile:electron // compiles electron backend
yarn run start:electron // opens the app shell

Packaging the build as a desktop app for the host system and architecture

yarn run build

Running the tests

yarn test


Now you can read the Rabix Composer documentation to learn more about Rabix Composer.

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