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Support notice

Rabix Composer will remain available as a local sbg:draft2 and CWL 1.0 tool and workflow editor. However, please note that Seven Bridges is not actively maintaining or extending Rabix Composer at the moment (Q2 2021). The repository will remain open for new issues and pull requests, but please have in mind that those may not be processed in a timely manner.

New CWL versions and features will still be added to the core open source libraries cwl-ts and cwl-svg.

If you need an up-to-date CWL editor, you can create an account either on the CGC, Biodata Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges, or on CAVATICA and use the Web Composer available there. The Web Composer is also available on the Seven Bridges Commercial offerings.

Rabix Composer

Build Status

Rabix Composer is an open source editor for Common Workflow Language documents.

It has a graphical mode allowing drag and drop creation of workflows and wizard type creation of individual tools.


It also has a text mode for entering CWL code directly. The graphical and text modes work seamlessly together.

Graphical to Text and back again!



git clone
cd composer
npm ci

If you are using Linux:

Install node.js from

Starting the dev environment

npm run serve // starts the dev server
npm run compile:electron // compiles electron backend
npm run start:electron // opens the app shell

Packaging the build as a desktop app for the host system and architecture

npm run build

Running the tests

npm test


Now you can read the Rabix Composer documentation to learn more about Rabix Composer.