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@kaushik-work kaushik-work released this Sep 27, 2018 · 3 commits to release/v1.0.1-rc.1 since this release

This is release candidate 1 for Rabix Composer 1.0.1 (1.0.1-rc.1) with the following enhancements and fixes:


  1. Proxy server setting UI added (4d54287)
  2. Fair4Cures platform added to platform list (45720cb)


  1. Nested workflows no longer raise false positive recursion detections (#394) (e644f6f).
  2. LinkMerge and port connections now generate correct CWL (#339) (d6e5977)
  3. Directories are now opened in OS/desktop agnostic way (#401) (26b6ec0).
  4. User can now set secondaryFiles for workflow File inputs and outputs, like they can for tools (979be29).
  5. Command line preview for result of Javascript expression in Value Transform for inputs now works correctly when input is null/empty (50738f1)
  6. Workflow hints are now saved when added via GUI (2d797c2).
  7. Editing code in code tab in tool editor no longer locks out future edits in visual editor tab (980733b).
  8. Writable field added to Create File field (Also a fix on cwl-ts) (54fdf19).
  9. Link to documentation in "Learn more" button in "File Requirements" tab now points to correct web page (422436d).
  10. Command line preview for arguments with no value now evaluates correctly (fix on cwl-ts).
  11. Loading JSON in local test now correctly reads secondaryFiles (180fcb0).
  12. Add option to choose ‘No Value’ in default setting for enum parameters for node in workflow (8d31b34).
  13. Command line no longer keeps parameters that were used once for the test but subsequently deleted (50738f1).
  14. SBG namespace declaration now has trailing slash (#408) (8a7862c)

Fixes specific to Windows

  1. Paths with multi-level workflows now work correctly (#397) (ef4b6cb)
  2. Path to CWL document sent to executor now has proper separators (1b94594)
  3. Files that are already open no longer generate permissions problems (36d097b)


In addition, several bugs in cwl-ts have been fixed and some enhancements made.

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We’ve released Rabix Composer v1.0, which includes significant improvements over the beta version with respect to development of CWL 1.0 and sbg:draft-2 applications on your local machine.

The key new features brought by the 1.0 version of Rabix Composer are:

  • We have integrated Rabix Executor into the Composer, so you can now develop and test your CWL app through a single user interface.
  • When you edit a tool or workflow on the Platform, you will see the Edit with Rabix Composer button.
  • Rabix Composer is now also available for Windows.

For more details about Rabix composer, please refer to the official documentation.

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@mayacoda mayacoda released this Dec 5, 2017

Hotfix for Cavatica
This release fixes the endpoint for the Cavatica API, solving the issue Cavatica users are having connecting to the platform.

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@mayacoda mayacoda released this Sep 21, 2017 · 3 commits to release/v1.0.0-rc.1 since this release

Updates to Platform connection
As before, in the settings section of the application, you can connect multiple platform accounts to Rabix Composer, however now you can only select one active user at a time. We introduced this “single active user” functionality to prevent pushing changes to the wrong account or project. You can read more about it in our documentation.

Progress saved in memory
If you close your laptop before saving changes, or forget to save your changes locally or on the cloud, your progress will be stored in memory.

Check for updates
We’ve added the ability to check for updates from within Rabix Composer. Updates are fetched whenever the application is started, or can be checked manually from the menu bar.

Stability fixes
The RC-1 release also contains number stability fixes to make your user experience more enjoyable!

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Apr 5, 2017
chore(changelog): add changelog generator
Apr 5, 2017


chore(changelog): add changelog generator
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