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A library for generating an interactive SVG visualization of CWL workflows
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Build Status

CWL-SVG is a Typescript library for visualization of Common Workflow Language workflows


npm install cwl-svg

Standalone Demo

git clone
cd cwl-svg
npm install
npm start
// Point browser to http://localhost:8080


        #svg {
            width: 100%;
            height: 100%;
            position: absolute;


<!-- You need to add “cwl-workflow” class to the SVG root for cwl-svg rendering -->
<svg id="svg" class="cwl-workflow"></svg>

<!-- Add compiled scripts, however they get compiled -->
<script src="dist/bundle.js"></script>

// Content of src/demo.ts

// Dark theme
import "./assets/styles/themes/rabix-dark/theme";
import "./plugins/port-drag/theme.dark.scss";
import "./plugins/selection/theme.dark.scss";

// Light theme
// import "./assets/styles/theme";
// import "./plugins/port-drag/theme.scss";
// import "./plugins/selection/theme.scss";

import {WorkflowFactory}    from "cwlts/models";
import {Workflow}           from "./graph/workflow";
import {SVGArrangePlugin}   from "./plugins/arrange/arrange";
import {SVGNodeMovePlugin}  from "./plugins/node-move/node-move";
import {SVGPortDragPlugin}  from "./plugins/port-drag/port-drag";
import {SelectionPlugin}    from "./plugins/selection/selection";
import {SVGEdgeHoverPlugin} from "./plugins/edge-hover/edge-hover";
import {ZoomPlugin}         from "./plugins/zoom/zoom";

const sample = require(__dirname + "/../cwl-samples/rna-seq-alignment.json");

const wf = WorkflowFactory.from(sample);

const svgRoot = document.getElementById("svg") as any;

const workflow = new Workflow({
    model: wf,
    svgRoot: svgRoot,
    plugins: [
        new SVGArrangePlugin(),
        new SVGEdgeHoverPlugin(),
        new SVGNodeMovePlugin({
            movementSpeed: 10
        new SVGPortDragPlugin(),
        new SelectionPlugin(),
        new ZoomPlugin(),

// workflow.getPlugin(SVGArrangePlugin).arrange();
window["wf"] = workflow;



Arranged and scaled BCBio workflow


Selection and Highlighting




Connecting Nodesd

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