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Python API and tools for bweiler's Skoobot
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Skoopy: Skoobot Control Library and Tools

Skoopy is a Python 3 library and utilities that can be used to control the Skoobot mini-robot by bweiler using Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux.


  1. Make sure that the Python 3 version of bluepy is installed. See its repository for details.

  2. Download and unpack the contents of this repository.

  3. In the directory above the downloaded repository run:

sudo pip3 install skoopy


  • sudo skooscan - Scan for Skoobots
  • skoocontrol - Send a command or list of commands to a Skoobot

For further information, run each command with the --help flag, e.g.

skoocontrol --help


File not Found in skooscan

If skooscan gives a File not Found error, this usually means that it cannot work out the logname of the logged in user. Certain Linux variants (such as Raspbian) do not update the login database when they auto-login users.

For commands run with sudo the current user and the login user are different. The skooscan command uses this information to work out your home directory.

The workaround is to execute the login command before running sudo skooscan.

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