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Releases: raboof/notion


02 Jan 10:20
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What's New

The highlight of this release is fixing the long-standing issue where Firefox popups would sometimes show up in the wrong place on multi-monitor setups (#59) thanks to great detective work by @florolf . Thanks!

  • Initial implementation of _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS (#303) @florolf/@raboof
  • Fix potential livelock in do_timer_set (#302) @dnr


Under the hood


14 Jun 07:13
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What's New

  • Changing user facing verbiage of vertical horizontal to rows and columns (#294) @kristopolous
  • Xinerama crashing bug on non-xinerama screens (#289) @kristopolous
  • Correctly document ALTMETA as Mod4+Shift+ in the manpage (#284) @raboof
  • Add default implementation for WRegion:current (#281) @raboof
  • Streamlining the WRootWin API (#275) @buhl
  • Removed mention of semver in error message (#274) @buhl
  • Adapted to support major.minor.patch version scheme (#273) @buhl
  • Fixed a small bug in contrib/scripts/move_current.lua (#270) @buhl
  • Remove (stale) german and french translation files (#266) @raboof


  • Auto-allocate new bindmaps on request (#277) @buhl


06 Apr 07:08
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We are proud to announce version 4.0.0 of Notion!

Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for X11. See the website for more information.

Among many other things (see below for a detailed list), this new major version of Notion features a revamp of the default keybindings, and our return to the LGPL as a license.

Notion 4 has changes in (default) behavior compared to Notion 3. If you are upgrading from Notion 4, especially if you are using any custom configuration or scripts, be sure to check out the migration guide.

What's New

  • docker: make clean before make and allow call from other directory (#256) @knixeur
  • Remove warning (fixes #252) (#253) @raboof
  • Fix window_dialog_float not taken into account (#248) @vincentvidal
  • Allow creating the statusbar while brushes aren't available yet (#239) @raboof
  • Remove a tiling when its last frame is removed (#231) @raboof
  • Order module loading the same way in cfg_notion and cfg_defaults (#234) @sebhz
  • Change query_runfile (View) to use xdg-open by default (#209) @knixeur
  • Don't let the dock take up space unless populated (#208) @raboof
  • Use an embedded dock by default, instead of mod_statusbar (#142) @raboof
  • frame-draw: draw region display name during FRAME_SHOW_NUMBERS (#152) @mskorzhinskiy
  • Add "based_on" to contrib/styles (#147) @wilhelmy
  • Fix use of 'unpack' on Lua >= 5.2 (#127) @knixeur
  • Ignore minimum client window sizes by default (#110) @raboof
  • Fix reparenting of 'input' objects (#111) @raboof
  • Allow disabling focus-follows-mouse (#108) @raboof
  • Show 'tab hints' when entering META.."K" submap (#105) @raboof





  • Don't override fonts in etc/lookcommon_* (#217) @raboof
  • Fix high-dpi look, make sure it is loaded depending on width (#199) @raboof
  • Add look_paper.lua from paperwm (#201) @wilhelmy
  • Determine 'based_on' automatically by prefix (#197) @raboof
  • newviolet_hidpi was missing in Makefile, also leave look.lua as is (#191) @knixeur
  • Load look with larger font when on wide screen (#189) @raboof

Under the hood


01 May 06:15
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  • Added XFT font support
  • Support building/running against Lua 5.3
  • Ability to display dialog windows as floating (cfg_notion.lua->window_dialog_float=true)
  • Allow floating windows to be positioned under cursor (cfg_notion.lua->float_placement_method="pointer")
  • Removed some compilation warnings
  • libextl now supports returning ExtlAny of type boolean
  • Upgraded statusd_linuxbatt to use sys/class interface
  • New statusd_inetaddr2 network interfaces ip addresses module
  • Added some basic tests (mod_libtu, mod_libextl)

Changes: 3-2017050501...3-2019050101

Thanks to contributors @knixeur, @ideasman42, @dkogan and @olejorgenb for making this release possible!

Release 3-2017050501

05 May 14:56
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Notable changes include:

  • Add focuslist menu for workspaces (thanks to @hedning)
  • Add sizepolicy support for menus (thanks to @hedning)
  • Fix statusd free memory (thanks to @jsbackus)
  • Improve error messages for invalid key combinations (thanks to @xmw and @knixeur)
  • configuration options for warp cursor placement (thanks to @ideasman42)
  • include net_client_list in the default configuration
  • add Subtle(wm)-like window management to contrib scripts (thanks to @gwash)
  • add rofi menu support (thanks to @olejorgenb and @hedning)
  • various cleanups (thanks to @ideasman42 , Wojtek Aniszewski, @jsbackus, Joe Mason and @olejorgenb)


05 Jul 12:36
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All changes: 3-2014052800...3-2015061300

Highlights include:

  • Travis continuous integration
  • Better lua autodetection (thanks to Nikolay Orlyuk)
  • Various code consistency changes
  • Fixing p2 variable scopes in xkbevents handler (thanks to Jon Canning)
  • Fixing resizing of dock windows managed by mod_statusbar (thanks to Edward J. Schwartz)