@raboof raboof released this May 5, 2017 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Notable changes include:

  • Add focuslist menu for workspaces (thanks to @hedning)
  • Add sizepolicy support for menus (thanks to @hedning)
  • Fix statusd free memory (thanks to @jsbackus)
  • Improve error messages for invalid key combinations (thanks to @xmw and @knixeur)
  • configuration options for warp cursor placement (thanks to @ideasman42)
  • include net_client_list in the default configuration
  • add Subtle(wm)-like window management to contrib scripts (thanks to @gwash)
  • add rofi menu support (thanks to @olejorgenb and @hedning)
  • various cleanups (thanks to @ideasman42 , Wojtek Aniszewski, @jsbackus, Joe Mason and @olejorgenb)
May 5, 2017
Release 3-2017050500

@raboof raboof released this Jul 5, 2015 · 81 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

All changes: 3-2014052800...3-2015061300

Highlights include:

  • Travis continuous integration
  • Better lua autodetection (thanks to Nikolay Orlyuk)
  • Various code consistency changes
  • Fixing p2 variable scopes in xkbevents handler (thanks to Jon Canning)
  • Fixing resizing of dock windows managed by mod_statusbar (thanks to Edward J. Schwartz)