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modifySVGForAnimation <- function(svgIn, svgOut, standAloneSVG = FALSE, jsScript = NA)
svg <- XML::xmlParse(svgIn, useInternalNode=TRUE)
# get the number of paths in the document and arbitrarily name them 'myPath[n]'
numPaths <- length(XML::xpathApply(svg, "//*[local-name()='path']"))
# in the svg, the last path is the path I want to animate. call all of the other paths,
# myPath[n], and the last path 'drivePath'
pathNames <- c(paste0('myPath',1:(numPaths-1)),'drivePath')
# and I want to keep all of the currently set styles
keepAtts <- c('d','style')
# name each of the paths
svg <- name_svg_elements(svg, ele_names = pathNames, keep.attrs = keepAtts)
# add javascript to the svg, if it will be a stand alone svg file
if(standAloneSVG) svg <- add_ecmascript(svg, jsScript)
# change the stroke-opacity of the drivePath
svg <- svg %>% editPathStyle('drivePath','stroke-opacity','0') %>%
cat(svg, file = paste0(svgOut), append = FALSE)