Deprecated selector in `show-ideographic-space/styles/show-ideographic-space.less` #9

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In show-ideographic-space/styles/show-ideographic-space.less:

Starting from Atom v1.13.0, the contents of atom-text-editor elements are no longer encapsulated within a shadow DOM boundary. This means you should stop using :host and ::shadow pseudo-selectors, and prepend all your syntax selectors with syntax--. To prevent breakage with existing style sheets, Atom will automatically upgrade the following selectors:

  • atom-text-editor .highlight.ideographic-space .region:after, atom-text-editor::shadow .highlight.ideographic-space .region:after => atom-text-editor .highlight.ideographic-space .region:after, atom-text-editor.editor .highlight.ideographic-space .region:after

Automatic translation of selectors will be removed in a few release cycles to minimize startup time. Please, make sure to upgrade the above selectors as soon as possible.

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raccy commented Dec 16, 2016

I changed selector form ::shadow to .editor. But my package didn't work in v1.29.x (-д-;
So, I don't publish new version yet.

I shall publish it, after Atom v1.13.0 is released official.


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