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Om-Bootstrap Build Status

A ClojureScript library of Bootstrap 3 components built on top of Om. See the documentation site for a ton of usage examples.

Here's the latest Leiningen version info:

Clojars Project

You'll also need to add Om:

[org.omcljs/om "0.8.8"]

You can find more detailed information on how to configure your Clojurescript project to use Om-Bootstrap on the documentation site's Getting Started section.

This is an alpha release. The API and organizational structure are subject to change. Comments and contributions are much appreciated.

Bootstrap Components

This project's goal is to provide wrappers for all Bootstrap 3 components, active or inactive, so they can be used easily in Om / ClojureScript projects.

All component inputs and options are documented with Prismatic's Schema library. These schemas also allows for optional runtime validation of component inputs. See the Schema README for more details on this.

Om-Bootstrap's documentation site has usage examples for all components that exist so far. The following components are currently complete:

  • button, button-group, toolbar (button.cljs)
  • dropdown-menu, menu-item, dropdown, split (button.cljs)
  • modal (modal.cljs)
  • input (input.cljs)
  • panel (panel.cljs)
  • jumbotron (random.cljs)
  • label (random.cljs)
  • well (random.cljs)
  • page-header (random.cljs)
  • grid, row, col (grid.cljs)
  • glyphicon (random.cljs)
  • tooltip (random.cljs)
  • alert (random.cljs)
  • nav, nav-item, navbar (nav.cljs)
  • popover (random.cljs)
  • badge (random.cljs)
  • table (table.cljs)


The project contains a few mixins that help in writing active Om components. The current set of mixins makes it easy to set listeners and timeouts on some component, and guarantee that they'll be cleaned up when the component unmounts:

  • set-listener-mixin (mixins.cljs)
  • set-timeout-mixin (mixins.cljs)
  • dropdown-mixin (mixins.cljs)

Components In Progress

  • ModalTrigger (modal.cljs)
  • ProgressBar (progress_bar.cljs)

Needed Components

These, and the mixins below, are the project's biggest TODOs.

  • Subnav (?)
  • Panel (hard), PanelGroup (easy), Accordion (easy)
  • TabbedArea, TabPane
  • Carousel
  • CarouselItem

Needed Mixins

  • FadeMixin
  • OverlayMixin

ClojureScript Repl

om-bootstrap comes with a development environment you can use to hack on the demo project. First, start the repl with:

lein repl

You'll be dropped into the om-bootstrap.server namespace. Fire up the webapp by running (-main). You can access the dev site at http://localhost:8080. (Set the PORT environment variable to customize the launch port.)

Next, to fire up a Clojurescript repl you can use lein figwheel. This will start a Websocket repl using Figwheel. When you reload http://localhost:8080, it should automatically connect to Figwheel and anything you type at the repl will start evaluating.

I personally like to start the repl with lein repl :headless and do all of this from Emacs. Whatever floats your boat.

Supported Versions

Om-Bootstrap works with the following dependencies:

  • Clojure 1.6.x, 1.7.x
  • React.JS 0.12.x
  • Om 0.8.x
  • Schema 0.4.x
  • Bootstrap 3.1.x (probably works on 3.2, haven't tested it)

and the latest version of ClojureScript. Please create a GitHub issue if you run into problems with these versions or would like to see further versions supported.

Note that we've seen trouble with Safari 7.0.x on CLJS versions <= 0.0.2261. See this ticket for details.


And a whole host of wonderful contributors.

We'd love to add your name to this list! See for information on how to help out.

Community and Contributions

This project may grow large enough for its own mailing list someday, but for now please feel free to join the Clojure mailing list to ask questions or discuss how you're using Om-Bootstrap.

For announcements of new releases, you can follow @RaceHubHQ on Twitter.

We welcome contributions in the form of bug reports and pull requests! Please see in the repo root for guidelines.

Running the Tests

To run the ClojureScript tests, simply run lein test in the project root. Leiningen will build the relevant Clojurescript files and run all tests for you. You must have PhantomJS installed for the tests to run.

Running the Documentation Site

To fire up the documentation site locally, all you need is lein run. The command will generate the development-mode CSS and start the webserver on port 8080 by default. (You can override this port by setting the PORT environment variable:

$ export PORT=4040; lein run

This is the easiest way to see quick results if you're trying to add a new example to the doc site. If you want live feedback, run this in the background for CLJS autogeneration:

lein cljsbuild auto docs

You'll have to change and save ./docs/src/cljs/om_bootstrap/docs/components.cljs to get new snippets to load, since cljsbuild's watcher doesn't watch the dev folder.

Deploying to Heroku

If you fork this project and would like to deploy a version of the documentation site to Heroku to show off, all you need to do is click this button:


And boom! Heroku will guide you through the process of deploying a fresh copy of


HUGE thanks to the react-bootstrap project, which I used as a reference when creating all components and the documentation site.