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Elevation service


Self-hosted elevation service that works with the terrain data provided by Mapzen and Amazon AWS S3. You can either pre-download the entire data on your server (ca. 200 GB) or access directly on S3 (for minimal latency from us-east-1 region).

Try it out with our hosted service:

Inspired by:

API usage

The service has a very simple API. Just post your latitude-longitude pairs as a JSON array to the service and receive an array of elevations as response. Maximum post payload is by default 700 KB (which fits roughly 10,000 points).

# > [[lat, lng], ...]
curl -d '[[51.3, 13.4], [51.4, 13.3]]' -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://localhost:3000
# < [ele, ...]

For one-off queries. You can also issue GET requests with latitude and longitude as query parameters.

curl 'http://localhost:3000/?lat=51.3&lng=13.4'
# < ele

Usage with pre-downloaded data

Download data (ca. 200 GB):

aws s3 cp --no-sign-request --recursive s3://elevation-tiles-prod/skadi /path/to/data/folder

Run the docker container:

docker run --rm -v/path/to/data/folder:/app/data -p3000:3000 racemap/elevation-service

Usage with S3-hosted data

Run the docker container:

docker run --rm -eTILE_SET_PATH=s3://elevation-tiles-prod/skadi -p3000:3000 racemap/elevation-service