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@@ -61,17 +61,31 @@ __Class-bootstrapwp-walker-nav_menu.php__
* Extending Walker_Nav_Menu to modify class assigned to submenu ul element.
+* Cleaned up ending div tags
* Fixed `bootstrapwp_autoset_featured_img()` function to return if there is no image set, clearing debug errors.
* Removed the post hooks for `bootstrap_autoset_featured_img()` function to clear debug errors.
* Added `bootstrapwp_post_thumbnail_check()` function to check if the post displayed in the loop has a post thumbnail already.
* Removed Custom Walker class from file and replaced with external include call for file 'includes/class-bootstrap_walker_nav_menu.php'.
+* Updated responsive navbar wrapping to use the button element
+* Removed wp-list-pages fallback for custom menu
+* Removed div elements for content-wrapper and container at end of file
* Removed unnecessary double loop for page title.
+* Removed '<header>' element wrapping around page title.
* Replaced conditional for `the_post_thumbnail()` with `bootstrapwp_autoset_featured_img()`.

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