An Error Occurred In The Upload.Please Try Again... #112

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Thank you for the great theme.
Im almost finished setting it up for a friend, who is starting up a small business.

I have run in to a problem, which i have been investigating for the past few hours.
Problem: When uploading images from everywhere else then the media library, i get an error messeage saying: "An Error Occurred In The Upload.Please Try Again Later". I found plenty of fixes for this online.
This is summing it up:

I tried everyting, comming to the conclucion that the error is in the funcitons.php file.

Can you help in any way.

All the best.



Hi Peter. I don't think there's enough info here to answer your question.

Have you tried to switch to one of WordPress' default themes? If not, try switching to something like 'twentytwelve' or 'twentyelven' and re-test. If you still get the error then the problem is probably in one of your plugins.

If the error goes away then it could be in functions.php or your theme custom code. In that case, to get more debug info, switch back to bootstrap-wp & set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config file ( Then go try to recreate the error & see what gets spit out by PHP (it should be a detailed error message. Paste the error message into something like Pastebin & add the link here.

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