Potential issue with the way this repo is setup... #33

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Because this repo is a fork of twitter/bootstrap, if someone already has a fork of twitter/bootstrap, that introduces a lot of complexity if they also want to fork this repo. I guess it could be done by setting up a separate branch in my fork of twitter/bootstrap and then fetching updates from this repo to apply to that branch, but like I said, lots of complexity! :)

Would you consider setting this project up on Github as its own repo, rather than just as a fork of twitter/bootstrap? I realize that makes pulling in changes to twitter/bootstrap harder, so I guess it's a 'pick your poison' kind of thing.



This shouldn't be an issue - You should be able to create your own fork of Twitter Bootstrap and still fork this repo.

I wish I had setup this repo separately from the Bootstrap repo originally, but now there is now easy way to fix - outside of creating a new repo and moving everything over to that with new pull/push locations.

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