changes in bswp-custom.less don't apply #51

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having the latest .87 version installed, changes to the layout in bswp-custom.less don't appy. there're no hints for further installation setting to be found. so, is this a bug?


Same issue - not even style.css was loaded - only when I loaded it in functions.php did it override anything.

@rachelbaker rachelbaker was assigned Jun 21, 2012

You would need to recompile the /less/bootstrapwp.less file.

More about LESS:

There are apps that will do this for you: (OSX) (OSX) (OSX/WIN/)


Thanks for responding to this thread, Rachel! I'm loving BootstrapWP, but I'm having the same trouble as the posters above. I've recompiled bootstrapwp.less, but none of my CSS in bswp-custom.less is being applied.

I've successfully worked with LESS on a couple other sites. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?


@justincone How are you compiling, would be the next question.


I'm compiling my code locally with CodeKit. This is terrible to admit, but I've fixed my issue — only I can't remember what I did.

I know that added the following code to functions.php in the CSS Loading section:

wp_enqueue_style('responsive', get_template_directory_uri().'/css/responsive.css', false );

But shouldn't have mattered for my above problem. Damn. Wish I'd written down my solution. :-\


@justincone Glad you figured it out 😃 Just be sure to close your issue


Oh, I didn't create this issue. I just piggybacked onto it. :-)


hi i am directly adding some custom styles to bootstrapwp.css, but i want to use less and crunch compiler how do i compile? Do i need to select all the .less files and compile into bootstrapwp.css?? Any simple tutorial?


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