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I have been working on a version of this theme for a few weeks as I have had time to create a properly formatted, cleaner, more organized, more logical version of this theme. There are a lot of formatting errors, the organization is confusing, and there is a large amount lot of poor code logic in basic templating functions. Don't get me wrong, the project is a good one, it just needs improvement and improvement takes developer-time and not everyone has that. :) I'm still working on my version of the theme, but I'm wondering if @rachelbaker would be open to doing a merge in the future? If not, (which is fine) I'd rather just start my own project.

Also, @rachelbaker good job on the proj and thanks for your contribution.



Apologies for the slow reply.

While, I have been working on cleaning up the formatting and organization in the "very close to being released" 1-WIP branch... I acknowledge that there is still much more to improve.

I welcome any efforts to collaborate.

I am open to doing a merge, and would love to have you as a committer/contributor on the project.

If you are still interested...DM me your email address on Twitter and we can expand the conversation.

Thank you.


I'll DM you my email address, I'd love to help in any way I can. Whenever you push the 1-WIP branch I'd love to take a look and start work from there!

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