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Wrapt - bringing the joy back to giving!

Wrapt is a Ruby on Rails application that allows users to create a wishlist of gifts and view their friends'​ lists as well. Users can access up-to-date wishlists from their friends and family all in one place, and update their own wishlist at any time, making gift-giving easier and more gratifying for everyone involved.

Setup and Configuration

Languages and Frameworks: Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap

Ruby version 2.0.0

Databases: SQLite (Test, Development), PostgreSQL (Production)

Development Tools and Gems include:

  • Devise for user authentication
  • SendGrid for email notifications
  • Pundit for authorization


  • Environment variables were set using [Figaro] ( and are stored in config/application.yml (ignored by git).
  • The config/application.example.yml file illustrates how environment variables should be stored.

####To run Wrapt locally:

  • Clone the repository
  • Run bundle install
  • Create and migrate the SQLite database with rake db:create and rake db:migrate
  • Start the server using rails server
  • Run the app on localhost:3000


  • Users can create an account, make a profile describing their preferences, and create a list of gifts they would like to receive.
  • Users can share their profile and gift list with other users, allowing them to view their preferences and desired items.
  • Users can invite friends and family to join the site and view their gift list.
  • Users can view a list of friends who can see their gift list, and a list of friends who have allowed them to view their lists.
  • Users can add, edit, or remove items from their gift list, and update their profile and preferences at any time.
  • Users can restrict viewing permissions on items so that only certain friends can see them.
  • Users can "claim" an item they plan to purchase. (The person who created the item cannot see that the item has been claimed.)
  • Seven days after claiming a gift, users receive a reminder to purchase the gift or release their claim so that others can purchase it.
  • Users can create, edit, and delete quick notes of gift ideas they think of.
  • After signing in, users are directed to a dashboard showing the items they have claimed, the notes they have made, and a list of friends whose birthdays are approaching within the next three months.
  • Users who still need to fill out their profile or add their birthday will see a reminder to do so at the top of the dashboard.