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Treehouse PHP Project 4

OOP PHP Game Show App THis is a browser-based, word guessing game: "Phrase Hunter." You’ll use PHP and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to select a random, hidden phrase, which a player tries to guess, by clicking letters on an onscreen keyboard.

This is for the Treehouse PHP TechDegree.

Style Changes

  • Index/landing has been given a fun background and animated title to entice users to play
  • Game background changed to give it a whimsical feel
  • Life tracker icons changed to give it more whimsy. Also given a throbbing animation to still symbolize hearts.
  • Font changed to Exo for a more exciting feel
  • Colors changed a little to reflect the fun, circus-y feel to the app.
  • Empty spaces made to be a little smaller, so the correct answers appear bigger
  • Win/Lose screen is an overlay to give the user a in-your-face ending. Transitioning background to keep it dynamic-looking
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