A ROS Package for Stereo Matching and Point Cloud Generation
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A Ros package for real-time stereo depth map and pointcloud generation.

Mobile Robot Real Time Stereo Matching Video :

(click to open)

Alt text for your video

Disparity Image and PointCloud Generation:

Quick Example(no camera needed! uses sample images):

$ roslaunch roslaunch stereo stereo_sim.launch

(please, change the GLOBAL_PATH variable in rectify.py and camera_simulator.py to the path of your workspace)

Use it on Your Own camera feed:

$ rosrun stereo stereo_node

rqt_graph vis:


ROS (tested with kinetic)

opencv 3.1 with contrib modules

PCL 1.7 (comes with ROS kinect full-desktop-install)

Hardware used in tests:

Pioneer P3-DX (for moving shoots and video recording)

PointGrey Bumblebee2 Camera

Dell Precision Workstation


improve rectify node using c++ and better calibration routine

Ricardo Achilles Filho