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Rachit's PhoneBuzz

We all know the classic game Fizz Buzz. PhoneBuzz (created as a LendUp code challenge) lets you play Fizz Buzz through your phone, using Twilio. You can either call the PhoneBuzz hotline and enter a number to listen to the Fizz Buzz leading up to that number, or have PhoneBuzz call you. You can also see a history of the calls PhoneBuzz has made to you, and replay any of them!

Built With

PhoneBuzz was built with Flask, HTML/CSS/JS, and Twilio.

Try It Out

You can try out the app here. NOTE: You will only be able to use Option 1 (Call the PhoneBuzz hotline). Option 2 won't work because my Twilio account doesn't have your phone number as a verified number.

Getting Started

First, clone the repo.


Of course, you need to have Python and pip installed. Make sure you also install the dependencies specified in requirements.txt (Twilio, requests, etc.).

pip install _______

Setting Up

Next, add your Twilio credentials as environment variables, and will automatically import them. Alternatively, you can hard-code them into (discouraged if you're uploading for the public to see).

export TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID = __________________
export TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN = ___________________
export TWILIO_CALLER_ID = ____________________
export TWILIO_APP_SID = ______________________

You must also change the URL's in and scripts.js to the URL of wherever you'll be hosting your app.

In, change this line:

url_base = ""

In scripts.js, change this line:

var base_url = "";

Also, after you make a new Twilio app, make sure the voice URL points to the URL for your clone!

Thank You!

Hopefully, everything goes well. Feel free to email me at (