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This Extension saves you from Game Of Thrones Spoilers.
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GoT: Hide That Spoiler - Chrome Extension 🐺

This extension will save you from reading any Game Of Thrones Spoilers as well as visual images.

This extension is developed by Rachit, a Software Engineer who is making world a better place by uploading videos on YouTube about his career choices, cool web projects, programming, data structures, algorithms, and more!

Never Under Estimate the power of a Frustrated Software Developer

I am not an expert with Google Chrome Development and this is my first extension made ever.



  • Spoiler Blocking: Searches entire web page and replaces Spoilers with text ##[TEXT BLOCKED: SPOILER DETECTED]
  • Image Blurring: Blurs the neighbouring Images which are relevant and might reveal the Spoiler information.
  • Simple, BugLess and Easy: If there's a bug, it's a feature.
  • Open Source: On serious note, if there's an issue, please log it and also raise a PR if you can fix it.
  • Customizable: As you have the source code, you can customize it as per your needs ;)

How To Use?

  • Clone this repository or download as a zip file
  • Incase you downloaded as a zip, unzip it
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to chrome://extensions
  • Click on Load Unpacked which you can see in the top left side.
  • Select the path where you cloned/downloaded this project.
  • An icon 🐺 should appear besides your Chrome Search bar.
  • That's all :D Try opening any Game of Thrones Spoiler page to enjoy the blocking power.

Why this Chrome Extension exists?

When I created this extension, its purpose was:

  • An attempt to save myself from GoT (Game of Thrones) spoilers
  • To solve the problem of spoilers as a Software Developer
  • To learn how to creat kick-ass Chrome Extensions

Can I contribute?

Ofcourse! I will be shocked to see a notification saying User {xyz} created a Pull Request.
I promise to approve the PR first, and only then review it.

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