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Rack::AB module for A/B testing #35

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Default settings assign users to one of two buckets, "a" and "b", and store the bucket name in a cookie called "rack_ab". If a bucket has not yet been assigned for a user, one is randomly chosen. The bucket name is made available to the app via the env object.

Basic usage looks like this:

use Rack::AB
# ...
if 'a' == env['rack.ab.bucket_name']
  body = 'content for bucket a'
  body = 'content for bucket b'
# ...
[200, {}, body]

Configuration options allow:

  • custom cookie name, e.g., "bucket_name" instead of "rack_ab"
  • custom bucket names, e.g. "control" and "fancy_bucket" instead of "a" and "b"
  • custom cookie parameters such as path, domain, and expires.

Custom configuration looks like this:

use Rack::AB, :bucket_names => ['control', 'new_feature']
# ...

Any and all feedback welcome.

erikeldridge added some commits Apr 5, 2011
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Create AB testing middleware for Rack
Define basic functionality and initial spec tests
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Simplify args passed to Rack::AB 54560f5
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Correct assertion logic
Since Rack::AB can return 'a' or 'b' randomly, verify that
an array of correct response values includes the value we receive.
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Write test to verify no cookie set if one exists
Rack::AB should only set a cookie if one has not been set before
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Create test for custom cookie name ecab8e1
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Update initialize to accept params hash
Simplify arg syntax for initializer by accepting a hash instead
of ordered args
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Create test for custom possible values
Developers should be able to define custom values to
use in the cookie. Create a test to verify
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Write test to verify cookie expiration setting 200765f
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Rename possible_values to bucket_names
bucket_names is more self-descriptive.
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Add Rack::AB to autoload 48afa95
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Add bucket name to env obj, and comment code 009acc1
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Add test for splitting traffic 8117831
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Remove .gitignore from repo ad9e0b4
@erikeldridge erikeldridge Add Rack::AB to readme ceb20d9
josh commented Apr 12, 2011

Sorry, but we aren't accepting any new middleware.

I'd suggest staring your own rack-ab project on github.

@josh josh closed this Apr 12, 2011

Thanks for the quick response.

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