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84b4a9f @raggi Add a note in KNOWN-ISSUES regarding ECMA escape
raggi authored
1 = Known issues with Rack and ECMA-262
3 * Many users expect the escape() function defined in ECMA-262 to be compatible
4 with URI. Confusion is especially strong because the documentation for the
5 escape function includes a reference to the URI specifications. ECMA-262
6 escape is not however a URI escape function, it is a javascript escape
7 function, and is not fully compatible. Most notably, for characters outside of
8 the BMP. Users should use the more correct encodeURI functions.
d773b8b @chneukirchen Add README and other documentation
chneukirchen authored
10 = Known issues with Rack and Web servers
12 * Lighttpd sets wrong SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO if you mount your
13 FastCGI app at "/". This can be fixed by using this middleware:
15 class LighttpdScriptNameFix
16 def initialize(app)
17 @app = app
18 end
20 def call(env)
21 env["PATH_INFO"] = env["SCRIPT_NAME"].to_s + env["PATH_INFO"].to_s
22 env["SCRIPT_NAME"] = ""
24 end
25 end
27 Of course, use this only when your app runs at "/".
80e9b60 @chneukirchen Mention fix-root-scriptname in KNOWN-ISSUES
chneukirchen authored
29 Since lighttpd 1.4.23, you also can use the "fix-root-scriptname" flag
30 in fastcgi.server.
1dda287 @raggi Add note about parameter parsing not changing
raggi authored
32 = Known conflicts regarding parameter parsing
34 * Many users have differing opinions about parameter parsing. The current
35 parameter parsers in Rack are based on a combination of the HTTP and CGI
36 specs, and are intended to round-trip encoding and decoding. There are some
37 choices that may be viewed as deficiencies, specifically:
38 - Rack does not create implicit arrays for multiple instances of a parameter
39 - Rack returns nil when a value is not given
40 - Rack does not support multi-type keys in parameters
41 These issues or choices, will not be fixed before 2.0, if at all. They are
42 very major breaking changes. Users are free to write alternative parameter
17a21a8 @raggi Fix typo, thanks @spastorino
raggi authored
43 parsers, and their own Request and Response wrappers. Moreover, users are
1dda287 @raggi Add note about parameter parsing not changing
raggi authored
44 encouraged to do so.
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