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@@ -555,12 +555,17 @@ The Rack Core Team, consisting of
* Christian Neukirchen (chneukirchen)
* James Tucker (raggi)
* Josh Peek (josh)
+* José Valim (josevalim)
* Michael Fellinger (manveru)
-* Ryan Tomayko (rtomayko)
-* Scytrin dai Kinthra (scytrin)
* Aaron Patterson (tenderlove)
+* Santiago Pastorino (spastorino)
* Konstantin Haase (rkh)
+and the Rack Alumnis
+* Ryan Tomayko (rtomayko)
+* Scytrin dai Kinthra (scytrin)
would like to thank:
* Adrian Madrid, for the LiteSpeed handler.
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