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1 parent fd8adfd commit 369070947bc28a2e36077de0792a1c72bd135b13 @chneukirchen chneukirchen committed Apr 10, 2009
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@@ -6,12 +6,9 @@ require 'rake/testtask'
desc "Run all the tests"
task :default => [:test]
-desc "Do predistribution stuff"
-task :predist => [:chmod, :changelog, :rdoc, "SPEC"]
desc "Make an archive as .tar.gz"
-task :dist => [:predist] do
+task :dist => [:chmod, :changelog, :rdoc, "SPEC"] do
sh "git archive --format=tar --prefix=#{release}/ HEAD^{tree} >#{release}.tar"
sh "pax -waf #{release}.tar -s ':^:#{release}/:' RDOX SPEC ChangeLog doc"

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