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Tidy up Gemfile.

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ioquatix committed Feb 9, 2020
1 parent cf0eff6 commit f2ad3171f77c953cc2ba82b37942ffc8ecafd40f
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16 Gemfile
@@ -4,24 +4,12 @@ source ''


# What we need to do here is just *exclude* JRuby, but bundler has no way to do
# this, because of some argument that I know I had with Yehuda and Carl years
# ago, but I've since forgotten. Anyway, we actually need it here, and it's not
# available, so prepare yourself for a yak shave when this breaks.
c_platforms = Bundler::Dsl::VALID_PLATFORMS.dup.delete_if do |platform|
platform =~ /jruby/

gem "rubocop", require: false

# Alternative solution that might work, but it has bad interactions with
# Gemfile.lock if that gets committed/reused:
# c_platforms = [:mri] if Gem.platforms.last.os == "java"

group :extra do
gem 'fcgi', platforms: c_platforms
gem 'fcgi', platform: :mri
gem 'dalli'
gem 'thin', platforms: c_platforms
gem 'thin', platform: :mri

group :doc do

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