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Jan 07, 2013

  1. James Tucker

    Bump to 1.3.7


Jan 06, 2013

  1. James Tucker

    Update README based on master


Jan 04, 2013

  1. Sokolov Yura

    Fix parsing multiple ranges

    Fix parsing miltiple ranges in HTTP_RANGE header according to w3 rfc2616 (according to last example in sec14.35.1 ) (according to BNF rules in )
    authored raggi committed
  2. James Tucker

    Add a note in KNOWN-ISSUES regarding ECMA escape

  3. James Tucker

    Refactor spec_cascade and spec_head

     * StringIO is a better choice than a struct here.
  4. James Tucker

    Rack::Response now conforms to body.close SPEC

     * Previously 204, 205 and 304 bodies were not closed correctly.
  5. James Tucker

    Rack::Head now conforms to body.close SPEC

  6. James Tucker

    Cascade now conforms to the body.close SPEC

  7. James Tucker

    Clarify the body.close spec section

     * This item is frequently missed, including in core.
     * This is not a change in semantic requirement, and does not update the SPEC
  8. James Tucker

    Ensure that deflater always closes bodies.

    Closes #349
  9. Zachary Scott

    Rack::BodyProxy#each, fixes rack/rack#434

    authored raggi committed
  10. James Tucker

    Prevent infinite recursions from Response#to_ary

    Closes #419
  11. James Tucker

    Return a bad request for malformed basic auth

    Closes #438
  12. Zachary Scott

    rescue Errno::ESRCH for windows, fixes #391

    authored raggi committed
  13. Christian Neukirchen

    Add redrawn logos by Zachary Scott

    Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:29:22 -0400
    Message-ID: <>
    On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 10:17 AM, Christian Neukirchen
    <> wrote:
    > Is it ok to put the other files as MIT license into contrib/?
    > (Perhaps add a copyright message to the .svg)
    Whatever you want, they're all yours.
    authored raggi committed
  14. Konstantin Haase

    Update years in license

    authored raggi committed
  15. ITO Nobuaki

    Use backport of URI module even on ruby 1.9.2-p320.

    authored raggi committed
  16. ITO Nobuaki

    Added missing dependence on 'timeout' in test/spec_utils.

    authored raggi committed
  17. ITO Nobuaki

    Fix request loop on non-stale nonce with time_limit parameter.

    authored raggi committed
  18. Conrad Irwin

    Set __LINE__ correctly for rackup files.

    Before this change the line numbers were off by one, which broke
    debugging tools like Pry in addition to causing a smidgen of user
    Reported-At: pry/pry#571
    authored raggi committed
  19. Hrvoje Simic

    update the dead link

    remove the dead link
    use internet archive for a dead link
    added working link
    authored raggi committed
  20. James Tucker

    Improve pidfile reporting and test coverage

     * Output reduced to a single line
     * Integration test added that also suppresses and checks output
    authored raggi committed
  21. Jean Boussier

    Check if the PID in pidfile is still running #371

    Then abort or remove the pidfile
    authored raggi committed
  22. Jean Boussier

    Check that the pidfile is not already present before overriding it

    authored raggi committed
  23. Konstantin Haase

    point to github page instead of rubyforge

    authored raggi committed
  24. Anurag Priyam

    rackup: include the value of each -I command line option in $LOAD_PATH

    `rackup -h` says '-I' can be used more than once.  However, instead of adding
    each value to $LOAD_PATH, rackup would discard the value of all but the last
    '-I' option.
    Signed-off-by: Anurag Priyam <>
    authored raggi committed
  25. Josef Sin

    Skipping empty params inside query what lead to parsing error.

    Example of these cookies would be: "foo=bar,;bar=foo" or ",foo=bar;,"
    authored raggi committed
  26. Konstantin Haase

    don't load broken backports on jruby, either

    authored raggi committed
  27. Konstantin Haase

    fix version comparison, again

    authored raggi committed
  28. Konstantin Haase

    fix version comparison

    authored raggi committed
  29. Konstantin Haase

    regexp issue has been fixed in Ruby 1.9.2-p381

    authored raggi committed
  30. Ben Hamill

    Use `const_defined?` so that it only checks withing the scope of URI.

    authored raggi committed
  31. Don't load the backport for uri/common.rb when running 1.9.3-p125 and…

    … beyond
    authored raggi committed
  32. Ben Hamill

    Uh. Put the conditional on the CORRECT line. :sweat:

    authored raggi committed
  33. Ben Hamill

    Only remove a constant if it exists.

    authored raggi committed
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