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Commits on Jan 7, 2013
  1. @raggi
  2. @raggi

    Bump to 1.4.3

    raggi authored
  3. @raggi

    multipart/parser: avoid unbounded #gets method

    Eric Wong authored raggi committed
    Malicious clients may send excessively long lines
    to trigger out-of-memory errors in a Rack web server.
  4. @raggi

    Bump to 1.4.2

    raggi authored
Commits on Jan 6, 2013
  1. @raggi

    Update README based on master

    raggi authored
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @raggi

    Fix parsing performance for unquoted filenames

    raggi authored raggi committed
    Special thanks to Paul Rogers & Eric Wong
  2. @funny-falcon @raggi

    Fix parsing multiple ranges

    funny-falcon authored raggi committed
    Fix parsing miltiple ranges in HTTP_RANGE header according to w3 rfc2616 (according to last example in sec14.35.1 ) (according to BNF rules in )
  3. @raggi

    .woff now has an official mime type!

    raggi authored
     * Closes #405
  4. @raggi

    Do not fail on cookies that are not URI escaped

    raggi authored
     * Closes #360
  5. @raggi
  6. @raggi

    Refactor spec_cascade and spec_head

    raggi authored
     * StringIO is a better choice than a struct here.
  7. @raggi

    Rack::Response now conforms to body.close SPEC

    raggi authored
     * Previously 204, 205 and 304 bodies were not closed correctly.
  8. @raggi
  9. @raggi
  10. @raggi

    Clarify the body.close spec section

    raggi authored
     * This item is frequently missed, including in core.
     * This is not a change in semantic requirement, and does not update the SPEC
  11. @rkh @raggi

    fixes for 1.8

    rkh authored raggi committed
  12. @raggi
  13. @zzak @raggi

    Rack::BodyProxy#each, fixes rack/rack#434

    zzak authored raggi committed
  14. @raggi
  15. @raggi
  16. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Rack::Static: Rename methods

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  17. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Remove .rbenv-version from .gitignore

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  18. @zzak @raggi

    rescue Errno::ESRCH for windows, fixes #391

    zzak authored raggi committed
  19. @zzak @raggi

    CommonLogger Documentation, fixes #412

    zzak authored raggi committed
  20. @chneukirchen @raggi

    Add redrawn logos by Zachary Scott

    chneukirchen authored raggi committed
    Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:29:22 -0400
    Message-ID: <>
    On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 10:17 AM, Christian Neukirchen
    <> wrote:
    > Is it ok to put the other files as MIT license into contrib/?
    > (Perhaps add a copyright message to the .svg)
    Whatever you want, they're all yours.
  21. @spastorino @raggi
  22. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Fix docs for Rack::Static http headers

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  23. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Fix docs for Rack::Static http headers

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  24. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Rack::Static: Provide custom HTTP header rules as array only and more…

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
    … concise docs
  25. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Rack::Static: Refactor array of arrays implementation

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  26. @SamSaffron @raggi

    - correct existing raise test

    SamSaffron authored raggi committed
    - amend it so rack lock releases the mutex on throws as well and raises
    - added raise test
  27. @thomasklemm @raggi
  28. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Allow HTTP header rules to be provided in array of arrays (useful on …

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
    …Ruby 1.8.7)
  29. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Try to get headers working on Ruby 1.8.7

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
  30. @thomasklemm @raggi

    Allow Rack::Static to assign HTTP Headers based on rules

    thomasklemm authored raggi committed
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