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https detection / url generation broken on heroku #287

pivotalcommon opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The problem I and other people trying to use openid via rack on heroku and a monkey-patch that solves it is detailed here:

it would be great if it can be fixed, since we otherwise have to use a fairly extensive monkeypatch wich sucks.
If its not solveable maybe a config option that switches behavior could be possible...

(we are currently locked into rack 1.2.x, so a maintenance patch for this release would be great)


This is a significant enough behavioral change that I don't feel comfortable back porting it to a year old point release. Why are you locked?


We are on rails 3.0, and upgrading to 3.1 is not that simple :)
But if it works on 1.3 thats fine too, one more reason to upgrade rails ;)


still an issue after updating to 1.3.6


its no a "backport" issue <-> please remove the label


sorry for the mixup, the problem is solved on 1.3.6 (we had another error in the same controller masking that the problem was resolved) -> you can close this as far as I am concerned

@raggi raggi closed this

Am still getting this issue on 1.3.6. @grosser If you can recally can you elaborate more on how your controller was masking the issue?


Referring to the section "Using Logger To Get More Information" on, helped me figure out the problem. It was because ruby-openid gem was doing the port validation on return from google auth which caused the error
return_to port does not match

[:scheme, :host, :port, :path].each do |meth|
  if msg_return_to.send(meth) != app_parsed.send(meth)
    raise ProtocolError, "return_to #{meth.to_s} does not match"

I just monkey patched that piece to not check for port.

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