Rack homepage is way out of date. #330

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jcoyne commented Jan 24, 2012

Perhaps you can just remove the download links and news and point at rubygems.org/gems/rack


raggi commented Jan 25, 2012

Aware, thank you. Waiting for assistance, I'm prioritizing library maintenance over the site no one uses.

mkremer commented May 13, 2012

When I wanted to start learning a little more about Rack I also noticed that the Rack website is out of date, I found a on open pull request by @nathany from 10 months ago that included details on the 1.3.0 release. After I pinged @rkh about it he merged in an old pull request from @nathany that included release 1.3.0, I then sent a pull request to update it with subsequent releases... so http://rack.github.com is now up-to-date on the release history.

Later on I found that the rack homepage repository itself has a similar issue to this one: rack/rack.github.com#2

I am willing to update the HTML page with further edits if needed, of course if the site really isn't used at all perhaps the homepage should simply be a link to the GitHub repository (letting the README take over the role that the website had)?

For the quickest improvement I would be most appreciative if someone with access to the RubyForge Rack homepage could set it to redirect to the GitHub page or to the repository so that the Rack homepage is up-to-date and consistent.


chneukirchen commented May 13, 2012

rubyforge now redirects to github.


rkh commented May 13, 2012

Does this fix the issue?


gioele commented May 13, 2012

While you are at it, could you make the documentation link point to http://rubydoc.info/gems/rack/frames?


raggi commented May 13, 2012

@rkh i'm about 2/3rds the way through a new RDoc template that I hope to release with 1.5 at the latest, at which point I'll update ruby forge, github and the "website". Anyway, thanks for moving forward with some stuff.

Please run rake doc and then open doc/index.html and let me know of any bugs you find.

mkremer commented May 13, 2012

@chneukirchen thanks for setting up that redirect :)

@rhk imho this fixes this issue :)

@rkh rkh closed this May 13, 2012

mkremer commented May 13, 2012

@Raggie The new RDoc template looks great!

The only thing I noticed while clicking through is that the links "Classes" and "Methods" lead to doc/table_of_contents.html which has a different style from doc/index.html (the search field is not there, and the font is bigger), but perhaps you had not yet gotten there? :)

rhk commented May 14, 2012

People, it's rkh you're talking to, not rhk. Thanks ;)

mkremer commented May 16, 2012

Sorry @rhk, typo :)

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