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Serving gzipped assets from Rack::Static #478

jbaudanza opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am working on a pull request for ActionDispatch::Static that will allow it to serve up the gzipped assets that are generated by Sprockets.


It's been suggested that this functionality might be better placed in Rack::Static instead. In this scenario, ActionDispatch::Static would be factored down to a small shim around Rack::Static

What do you guys think? This seems like functionality that would be useful to anyone serving static assets from Rack, not just with Rails.


Yup' a PR for that would be appreciated, although see if you can do it with or by extending the rules system that was just added in master. I'd love to try and keep static relatively simple, lest we end up having half a file server in an interfacing library :-)


pull request attached here #479

@jbaudanza jbaudanza closed this
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