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This patch makes the the Rack::Static code a little more efficient and readable. At the same time it adds support for existent directory index support --instead of just checking for a trailing /, failing that it will check to see if the the path is an actual directory on disk. This is indispensable in some use cases where a trailing slash can not be insured, but the directories index file still needs to be served.

If necessary I can add a new configuration option to conditionally support this new directory behavior, but I did not do so presently b/c I suspect it would be a YAGNI.


This pull request fails (merged 1fe6ef0 into edc8b92).


Doesn't look like the failing test is related to this.

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This is going to take me quite some time to review, and as such may not make it into the most immediate release.


:-( Maybe it can be a different class at first? That would allow people to kick its tires, so to speak, without upsetting current Static based code.

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Could we get some tests for this?


I would also like to see this tested and merged. I have a unique need to serve up directories of mirrored content and Rack::Static's :index option is only used for handling /.

Also, I'm surprised that Rack::File and Rack::Directory don't already support index lookups.

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This needs rebasing, and it needs tests. Closing for now. Please reopen when we have tests.

@raggi raggi closed this Dec 30, 2012
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