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Revision history for Template::Flute
0.0040 Wed Jun 6 18:25:28 2012 CEST
* Add language name filter.
* Add support for flat trees.
* Prevent Perl warning on undefined values for append operation.
* Fix design flaw in filtering where twig method isn't called on second
usage of a filter.
* Reset twig handler variable to prevent filtering of unrelated elements.
* Add documentation of format option to POD for date filter class.
0.0030 Thu May 10 08:48:01 2012 CEST
* Add toggle tree suboperation.
* Add support for sorting to Template::Flute::Iterator.
* Add asterisk selector to JSON iterator.
* Fix sharing elements between container and value when using class and id.
* Add documentation for param elements and filter attribute.
0.0025 Wed Mar 14 14:39:21 2012 CET
* Remove static class from first list element.
* Add documentation for param elements and filter attribute.
* Add append operation for values.
* Fix documentation of Template::Flute::HTML's values method.
* Add test for European style of price display.
0.0024 Mon Dec 19 11:53:16 2011 CET
* Add link attribute to form specification element.
0.0023 Fri Dec 16 16:40:26 2011 CET
* Recognize containers through id attribute.
* Allow container values to share the same HTML element with the
* Use subtree of JSON as iterator through selector and children
* Add joiner attribute to param element.
* Fix alternate classes to append rather than replace list class.
0.0022 Mon Nov 14 08:35:40 2011 CET
* Use standard locale for currency filter test.
0.0021 Thu Nov 10 18:36:22 2011 CET
* Add check for DateTime::Format::ISO8601 module to date filter test.
* Add documentation on filter prerequisites.
0.0020 Thu Nov 3 23:32:33 2011 CET
* Allow filter options to be passed in the constructor.
* Add filter base class and loader for filter classes.
* Add currency, date, eol, nobreak_single and upper filter.
* Add foo|!bar and foo&!bar to the possible expressions for container visibility.
* Add separator element for lists.
* Fix replacement for value elements with op append.
* Pass through auto_iterators setting to included templates.
* Prevent Perl warning on undefined values for value elements.
* Add output_html_doctype to XML::Twig constructor for upcoming XML::Twig release.
* Add form name test.
* Expand Template::Flute's POD on specification, template, forms and lists.
0.0011 Thu Aug 25 10:33:21 2011 CEST
* Remove all of multiple invisible containers from the HTML output.
0.0010 Fri Jul 1 15:33:01 2011 CEST
* Add include feature.
* Add expression feature for containers which offers a better control
on their visibility (e.g. container value="warnings|errors" for
message areas)
* Fix crash on i18n elements with key attribute.
* Prevent warning on i18n elements without name attribute.
* Clean up added i18n-key HTML attributes after translation has
been finished.
* Add test for i18n elements with key attribute.
0.0009 Tue Jun 21 14:24:57 2011 CEST
* Add lookup into object attributes for list iterators in case
specification is passed as object.
* Add support for checkboxes to Template::Flute::Form's fill method.
* Let HTML templates handled by File::Slurp and the encoding
determined by the specification.
* Turn second bless in Template::Flute's constructor into a
simple return.
* Add documentation about iterators parameter for Template::Flute's
0.0008 Tue May 31 21:56:38 2011 CEST
* Add keep attribute to field element with possible value "empty_value"
to preserve HTML option tags with empty value.
* Add support for auto_iterators to forms.
* Add iterators method to Template::Flute::Form class.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined value in Template::Flute::Form's
fill method.
* Accept 0 as value for list inputs.
* Prevent crashes from parsing empty strings for the hook operator.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined $value in Template::Flute::HTML's
set_selected method.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined $rep_str in Template::Flute's
_replace_within_elts method.
* Add test for select tags inside forms.
0.0007 Fri Apr 22 10:47:36 2011 CEST
* Renamed Template::Flute::Specification method element_by_class
to elements_by_class to match the changed return value.
* Allows two elements like params or values to tie to the same class.
* Enable passing specification and/or template as string to the
Template::Flute constructor.
* Add support for field attribute to value element.
* Add tests for HTML attribute targets and Template::Flute::I18N class.
* Add test for textarea in forms.
* Add "SYNOPSIS" section to POD for Template::Flute::I18N class.
0.0006 Sun Apr 3 07:09:34 2011 CEST
* Declare dependency on HTML::TreeBuilder.
0.0005 Fri Apr 1 17:35:30 2011 CEST
* Accept full parameter in Template::Flute::Utils::derive_filename function.
This is useful to resolve relative paths, e.g for images in a HTML document.
Also add test for this function.
* Fix tests to handle missing Config::Scoped module gracefully.
0.0004 Thu Mar 31 21:21:59 2011 CEST
* Resolve iterator name to object for lists.
* Add process_template method to Template::Flute class.
* Add Template::Flute::Iterator::JSON class.
* Apply replacement to src attribute instead of tag body for HTML <img> tags.
* Add iterators method to Template::Flute::HTML class.
* Fix MANIFEST and remove unused dist.ini file.
* Add "See also", fix Synopsis and constructor documentation
for Template::Flute::Iterator class.
0.0003 Tue Mar 29 15:52:11 2011 CEST
* Add auto_iterators parameter to Template::Flute class.
* Add seed method to Template::Flute::Iterator class.
* Add hook operation to value elements.
* Add specification method to Template::Flute class.
* Add documentation about value elements to Template::Flute's POD.
* Fix wrong POD headers for some methods in Template::Flute::List class.
* Fixed wrong module name Template::Zoom in Workflow POD section.
Thanks to Terrence Brannon for the report.
* Fix duplicate "METHODS" POD header in Template::Flute::List class.
0.0002 Mon Mar 14 08:39:23 2011 CET
* Add missing modules Template::Flute::Utils and
Template::Flute::Container to MANIFEST.
0.0001 Sun Mar 13 15:40:50 2011 CET
* Initial release.