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Revision history for Template::Flute
0.025 Fri Mar 24 11:32:33 2017 CET
* Replace all matches of a pattern instead of the first one (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add keep operator (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
0.024 Mon Oct 24 12:25:25 2016 CEST
* Add support for multiple select in forms (Marco Pessotto, GH #163).
0.023 Sat Oct 22 14:58:31 2016 CEST
* Add missing files for Markdown filter to MANIFEST.
0.022 Fri Oct 21 16:09:20 2016 CEST
* Add markdown filter (Pattawan Kaewduangdee, GH #162).
0.021 Wed Oct 5 12:33:21 2016 CEST
* Fix crash on mailto hrefs when uri argument is provided
(Marco Pessotto, GH #159, #160).
* Apply uri adjustments to form actions (Marco Pessotto).
* Bump up Type::Tiny prerequisite to minimum version which supports
InstanceOf (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Fix indirect call on Template::Flute::Increment (Marco Pessotto).
* Add (successful) test for GH #11 (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add test case for GH #131 (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add reverse tests for dotted container values (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
0.020 Mon Aug 1 12:24:45 2016 CEST
* Add prepend operator (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Use instance of Data::Page as default iterator for Pager class
(Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Migrate to Moo (Peter Mottram).
* Prevent bogus entry in email_cids hashref caused by parsing HTML twice
(Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Use Travis helpers and coverage testing (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add test on replacing HTML src attribute for images if target isn't
specified (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add test for the list method of the template object (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
* Add test for container object to basic container test script
(Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
0.0192 Tue Feb 2 19:00:14 2016 CET
* Fix deprecation warnings "Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated"
(Nitish Bezzala, GH #157).
* Fix broken link in the POD for Template::Flute
(Mohammad S Anwar, GH #156).
* Add Perl 5.22 to Travis CI configuration (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
0.0191 Mon Dec 21 14:29:26 2015 CET
* Add prerequisite on Class::Load (Stefan Hornburg/Racke, GH #155).
0.0190 Sat Oct 31 09:58:54 2015 CET
* Replace MooX::Types::MooseLike with Type::Tiny
(Stefan Hornburg, GH #136).
* Remove Flute::Form->finalize (Paul Cochrane, GH #134).
* Localise loop variable's scope to the loop's scope
(Paul Cochrane, GH #128).
* Use two argument form of bless (Paul Cochrane, GH #127).
* Remove superfluous arg shift onto $class variable
(Paul Cochrane, GH #126).
* Convert plain 'utf8' to 'encoding(utf-8)' (Paul Cochrane, GH #122).
* Use Class::Load instead of eval { use Class::Name }
(Paul Cochrane, GH #120).
* Add missing email address to copyright statements (Paul Cochrane).
* Update copyright year to 2015 (Paul Cochrane).
* Add missing strictures to Template::Flute::Filter::JsonVar
(Paul Cochrane, GH #114).
* Fix typo and remove superfluous trailing whitespace from
Template::Flute (Paul Cochrane, GH #110).
* Add installation instructions (Paul Cochrane, GH #109).
* Fix Pager class docs (Paul Cochrane, GH #132).
* Fix two typos in module POD (Paul Cochrane, GH #129).
* Add diagnosis to form name test in case of failure (Stefan Hornburg).
* Add more iterator tests (Paul Cochrane, GH #116, #133).
* Add strict and warnings where missing in tests (Paul Cochrane, GH #125).
* Use Travis containers when running CI jobs (Paul Cochrane, GH #124).
* Use full package name for test functions not imported into test script
(Paul Cochrane, GH #123).
* Use diag in currency filter tests (Stefan Hornburg).
* Check utf8 JSON input in Iterator::JSON (Paul Cochrane, GH #118, #119).
* Check $flute->process call in "Hello world" test for an exception
(Stefan Hornburg).
0.0184 Thu Jul 16 09:33:23 2015 CEST
* Remove BOM when processing files (Marco Pessotto, GH #102, #103).
* Fix lost newlines for textarea values (Marco Pessotto, GH #105, #106).
0.0183 Sun Jul 5 19:06:50 2015 CEST
* Fix crash caused by patterns with non-empty but "false" content
(Stefan Hornburg).
0.0182 Thu Jul 2 18:08:53 2015 CEST
* Fix stray joiner which showed up while appending empty value to text
(Stefan Hornburg).
* Add joiner attribute (Stefan Hornburg).
0.0181 Sun Jun 28 13:52:46 2015 CEST
* Add date_text option to Date filter (Stefan Hornburg)
0.0180 Wed Apr 29 09:33:14 2015 CEST
* Apply fix for <script> vanishes when inserted with op="hook"
(Stefan Hornburg, GH #99).
* Add lower_dash filter (William Carr, GH #86).
* Allow usage of method in container's value attribute (William Carr, GH #95).
0.0171 Wed Apr 22 12:12:25 2015 CEST
* Clear out HTML element in case an empty value is passed for op=hook
(Stefan Hornburg).
* Prevent reparsing of DateTime objects in the date filter
(Stefan Hornburg).
0.0170 Tue Mar 31 22:08:11 2015 CEST
* Add configuration option for attributes which can be translated
(Marco Pessotto, GH #89).
* Cache expressions (Peter Mottram, Stefan Hornburg, GH #81).
* Add limit support to <list> (William Carr, GH #86).
* Stringify objects as final value of a dotted value specification
(Sam Batschelet, Stefan Hornburg, GH #93).
* Skip caching of iterators which belong to child lists
(Peter Mottram, Stefan Hornburg, GH #87).
* Add test to demonstrate failure of subsequent calls to process
(William Carr, Stefan Hornburg)
0.0162 Tue Mar 3 10:06:04 2015 CET
* Collapse whitespace inside strings before translation
(GH #83, #84, Marco Pessotto).
0.0161 Tue Feb 17 13:07:14 2015 CET
* Prevent Perl warning caused by undefined value in $original_attribute
(Stefan Hornburg).
* Fix typo and missing parenthesis in main POD (Stefan Hornburg).
0.0160 Sat Dec 27 12:46:00 2014 CET
* Add Cache iterator subclass to fix problems with multiple lists
sharing the same iterator (Stefan Hornburg).
* Force currency options to fix test failures (Marco Pessotto, GH #76, 77).
* Add simple test for value replacement inside HTML input element
(Stefan Hornburg).
0.0151 Fri Dec 12 17:23:20 2014 CET
* Fix wrong behaviour with skip and filters (Marco Pessotto,
Stefan Hornburg, Jeff Boes, GH #73, #74).
* Add link to "INCLUDE FILES" section which points to description of include
attribute for value elements (Stefan Hornburg).
0.0150 Sat Nov 29 09:33:18 2014 CET
* Add implementation of containers within list (Stefan Hornburg, GH #61, #67).
* Add support for dotted values in field attribute of param element
(Stefan Hornburg, GH #71).
* Add workaround for the case that you pass the <option> elements for a dropdown
(Stefan Hornburg).
* Display string representation of element in case of stash leftovers
(Stefan Hornburg).
* Add section about common specification attributes to main POD (Stefan Hornburg).
* Rename conditionals section in main POD to containers
and add short introduction (Stefan Hornburg).
* Adjust example for "Display link in a list only if present"
to use container inside the list (Stefan Hornburg).
0.0140 Thu Oct 2 09:40:59 2014 CEST
* Overhaul support for email CIDs (GH #66, Marco Pessotto).
0.0132 Thu Sep 25 14:10:27 2014 CEST
* Translate placeholder and value attribute of HTML input elements
(GH #65, Marco Pessotto).
0.0131 Fri Sep 19 08:42:03 2014 CEST
* Support joiner with simple value (GH #63, #64, Marco Pessotto).
* Fix pager check in _paging method (Stefan Hornburg).
* Fix next and count calls in Template::Flute::Pager class (Stefan Hornburg).
* Add reset method to Template::Flute::Pager class (Stefan Hornburg).
* Suppress warnings for patterns (GH #60, Marco Pessotto).
* Fix typo in Template::Flute::Filter::JsonVar's POD (Jeff Boes).
* Fix name of pager module in Template::Flute::Pager's POD (Stefan Hornburg)
* Fix POD example on accepting empty dates in the date filter.
0.0130 Tue Aug 5 10:37:52 2014 CEST
* Implement the wildcard matching of attributes (GH #57, Marco Pessotto).
0.0123 Mon Aug 4 20:28:36 2014 CEST
* Fix pattern interpolation in attributes (GH #56, Marco Pessotto).
0.0122 Fri Aug 1 15:19:49 2014 CEST
* Add iterator_default attribute for dropdowns.
* Save and restore main specification object to prevent overwrites when
processing lists (GH #54, Stefan Hornburg).
* Update available Perl versions for Travis (Stefan Hornburg).
0.0121 Wed Jul 23 10:13:00 2014 CEST
* Add skip attribute for value and param elements
(GH #53, Marco Pessotto).
* Fix typo in acknowledgements (GH #52, Marco Pessotto).
0.0120 Tue Jul 22 11:47:22 2014 CEST
* Add "pattern" element (GH #51, Marco Pessotto)
* Replace broken File::Slurp with Path::Tiny (GH #49, Stefan Hornburg)
0.0119 Fri May 9 09:13:14 2014 CEST
* Add "every" attribute to separator elements (GH #47, Marco Pessotto).
0.0118 Tue May 6 15:47:37 2014 CEST
* Restore paging and add proper tests (GH #46, Marco Pessotto).
0.0117 Wed Apr 30 15:58:18 2014 CEST
* Use iterator from specification instead of looking it up from template
0.0116 Wed Apr 30 09:57:19 2014 CEST
* Consider undefined values as empty strings (GH #45, Marco Pessotto).
0.0115 Wed Apr 23 15:33:08 2014 CEST
* Skip URI adjust for link elements without target attribute (<a href, <img src, ...).
0.0114 Wed Apr 16 09:21:36 2014 CEST
* Require XML::Twig 3.48 and adjust tests accordingly
(GH #44, Marco Pessotto).
* Remove -T switch from regular tests
(GH #44, Marco Pessotto).
0.0113 Tue Apr 15 17:37:41 2014 CEST
* Add support for embedding images in emails (GH #43, Marco Pessotto).
* Fix documentation bug for op="toggle" (GH #42, Marco Pessotto).
* Add POD documentation on attributes for Pager class.
* Add tests for op="toggle" (GH #42, Marco Pessotto).
0.0112 Wed Apr 2 06:57:38 2014 CEST
* Fix empty dropdown produced by value element with scalar iterator.
0.0111 Tue Apr 1 11:28:25 2014 CEST
* Skip processing of paging elements which aren't specified.
* Enable twig test for XML::Twig 3.47 and newer as the bug is fixed now.
0.0110 Sat Mar 29 12:22:15 2014 CET
* Add missing prerequisite on Data::Transpose.
* Enable entities test for XML::Twig 3.47 and newer as the bug is fixed now.
0.0109 Sat Mar 22 18:55:08 2014 CET
* Add experimental support for paging.
* Split prerequisites into build and runtime prerequisites.
* Fix missing POD escape in Template::Flute::Specification's dangling method documentation.
* Show resulting HTML in case of an error in entities test.
0.0108 Thu Mar 13 18:41:15 2014 CET
* Use list values as an iterator if they are an appropriate object.
* Fix another case where a param is processed outside of its list.
* Bumped up minimum version of Moo (Marco Pessotto, GH #38).
0.0107 Sun Mar 9 15:30:50 2014 CET
* Add missing files for URI adjust feature to MANIFEST.
* Add documentaton to UriAdjust module.
0.0106 Sun Mar 9 13:36:42 2014 CET
* Add URI adjust feature.
* Call is_filled form method only on an existing form object.
0.0105 Sat Mar 8 14:28:22 2014 CET
* Use hash reference instead of string concatenation for dump key produced by dangling method.
* Install flute script.
* Use Test::Deep for checking output of dangling method to avoid hash randomization problem (GH #35).
* Add section "OBJECTS AND STRUCTURES" to main POD (Marco Pessotto).
* Fix bugtracker location.
* Improve documentation of dangling method.
* Add objects and structures test (Marco Pessotto).
0.0104 Fri Mar 7 13:00:12 2014 CET
* Add check for dangling specification elements (GH #30, Marco Pessotto).
* Add blacklist for object autodetection (GH #33, Marco Pessotto).
* Skip processing params for empty lists at the end of the _sub_process method (GH #25).
0.0103 Thu Mar 6 18:08:44 2014 CET
* Let top level containers affect lists too (GH #32, Marco Pessotto)
0.0102 Wed Mar 5 16:26:44 2014 CET
* First airborne CPAN release.
* Fix duplicates in dropdowns (GH #31, Marco Pessotto)
* Prevent Perl warning caused by HTML checkboxes without value attribute.
* Add test for &nbsp; (GH #28, Marco Pessotto)
0.0101 Thu Feb 27 11:20:36 2014 CET
* Fix bad escaping inside <script> tags (GH #6, GH #10, GH #27).
0.0099 Mon Feb 10 20:17:42 2014 CET
* Pass through i18n parameter to included templates.
0.0098 Sun Feb 9 10:46:39 2014 CET
* Add method method to Template::Flute::Form and retrieve HTML form attributes.
* Fix bug causing duplicate fields in form object (GH #24).
0.0097 Mon Jan 27 19:10:16 2014 CET
* Implement toggle operation with target for params.
* Improve error handling in _parse_template method.
0.0096 Wed Jan 22 20:00:18 2014 CET
* Add two level dotted values for containers.
0.0095 Tue Jan 21 10:06:12 2014 CET
* Fix problem with vanished form (GH #23).
0.0094 Tue Jan 7 13:19:12 2014 CET
* Fix processing of lists and params on the wrong nesting level.
* Fix t/values/select-objects.t to work with Perl <= 5.12.
* Add tests for nested lists.
0.0093 Fri Dec 20 16:13:45 2013 CET
* Fix iterators for value elements when using auto iterators.
0.0092 Thu Dec 19 13:51:47 2013 CET
* Add new specification attributes iterator_value_key and
iterator_name_key to select fields used in populating dropdowns.
* Add object detection to iterators used in value and field
specification elements.
0.0091 Sun Dec 8 11:35:13 2013 CET
* Fix bug in iterator resolution.
0.0090 Sat Dec 7 21:11:17 2013 CET
* Check for object in values hash with dotted values for field attribute.
* Get iterator from dotted value and use methods of objects.
0.0082 Fri Dec 6 09:52:29 2013 CET
* Delete HTML attributes with undefined value to prevent Perl warnings
and improper HTML (Grega Pompe, GH #16 #17)
* Fix problem with HTML doctype (Grega Pompe)
* Fix problem with append operation (Grega Pompe)
* Lists before values, preventing same name value leak (Grega Pompe)
0.0081 Tue Nov 26 10:29:41 2013 CET
* Use XML:Twig's parse_html method only for root templates and
parse for inner snippets (Grega Pompe, GH #15).
* Fix parsing method for templates passed as a scalar reference.
* Prevent warning from uninitialized iterator attribute.
0.0080 Wed Nov 20 13:40:31 2013 CET
* Support for nested lists (Grega Pompe).
* Remove tests based on Config::Scoped from list separator tests.
0.0066 Tue Sep 17 09:35:22 2013 CEST
* Fix append operation on element text within lists.
* Add section about "Simple operators" to the documentation.
* Add test for append operation on element text within lists.
0.0065 Thu Sep 12 21:44:47 2013 CEST
* Reset iterator after using it for a dropdown to allow multiple elements sharing the same iterator.
* Fix wrong specification in first example of the description
(GH #12, Grega Pompe).
0.0064 Fri Aug 16 12:31:54 2013 CEST
* Fix spurious joiner added regardless whether append value is empty or not.
* Add support for auto_iterators to values.
* Add tests for checkboxes.
* Add tests for HTML entities and XML::Twig version (Marco Pessotto).
* Add test with nested <span> as param in a list.
* Add tests for append operations on value elements using joiner.
0.0063 Wed Jun 12 14:57:48 2013 CEST
* Pass through filters setting to included templates.
* Add documentation about dropdowns.
* Add section about inserting html to the documentation.
* Add dropdown (select) tests for values.
0.0062 Sat May 25 19:56:51 2013 CEST
* Fix bug causing problems with container values sharing HTML element
through ID with container.
* Execute POD tests only for release testing (GH #3).
* Add example for "Display image only if present" to documentation.
* Add example for "Display link in a list only if present" to documentation.
* Fix example in Template::Flute::Filters::JsonVar module.
* Add test for UTF-8 string in values hash.
0.0061 Sun Jan 27 11:25:30 2013 CET
* Fix json_var filter by using JSON module.
0.0060 Thu Jan 24 14:30:26 2013 CET
* Ensure that a formerly cut element is pasted back only when a
parent element is present for the previous sibling.
* Fix toggle operation on value elements.
* Fix crash "Unexpected element left on stash: field" caused by sort element.
* Add support for chained filters.
* Add json_var filter.
* Add strip filter.
* Add strict option to date filter.
* Apply toggle operation to params without target as well.
* Add paging elements.
* Allow deeper lookups into values hash with dotted values for field attribute.
0.0052 Tue Sep 4 20:08:34 2012 CEST
* Fix append operation without target on value elements.
0.0051 Thu Jul 19 15:28:09 2012 CEST
* Exclude Moo method BUILDARGS from POD coverage test.
0.0050 Tue Jul 17 19:10:39 2012 CEST
* Add paginator class.
* Skip translation of HTML script elements.
* Remove surrounding whitespace from text before passing to translation.
* Add country name filter.
* Add example for using increments.
* Expand name and description section for currency filter.
* Add basic test for list increments.
* Add basic tests for values and list params.
0.0040 Wed Jun 6 18:25:28 2012 CEST
* Add language name filter.
* Add support for flat trees.
* Prevent Perl warning on undefined values for append operation.
* Fix design flaw in filtering where twig method isn't called on second
usage of a filter.
* Reset twig handler variable to prevent filtering of unrelated elements.
* Add documentation of format option to POD for date filter class.
0.0030 Thu May 10 08:48:01 2012 CEST
* Add toggle tree suboperation.
* Add support for sorting to Template::Flute::Iterator.
* Add asterisk selector to JSON iterator.
* Fix sharing elements between container and value when using class and id.
* Add documentation for param elements and filter attribute.
0.0025 Wed Mar 14 14:39:21 2012 CET
* Remove static class from first list element.
* Add documentation for param elements and filter attribute.
* Add append operation for values.
* Fix documentation of Template::Flute::HTML's values method.
* Add test for European style of price display.
0.0024 Mon Dec 19 11:53:16 2011 CET
* Add link attribute to form specification element.
0.0023 Fri Dec 16 16:40:26 2011 CET
* Recognize containers through id attribute.
* Allow container values to share the same HTML element with the
* Use subtree of JSON as iterator through selector and children
* Add joiner attribute to param element.
* Fix alternate classes to append rather than replace list class.
0.0022 Mon Nov 14 08:35:40 2011 CET
* Use standard locale for currency filter test.
0.0021 Thu Nov 10 18:36:22 2011 CET
* Add check for DateTime::Format::ISO8601 module to date filter test.
* Add documentation on filter prerequisites.
0.0020 Thu Nov 3 23:32:33 2011 CET
* Allow filter options to be passed in the constructor.
* Add filter base class and loader for filter classes.
* Add currency, date, eol, nobreak_single and upper filter.
* Add foo|!bar and foo&!bar to the possible expressions for container visibility.
* Add separator element for lists.
* Fix replacement for value elements with op append.
* Pass through auto_iterators setting to included templates.
* Prevent Perl warning on undefined values for value elements.
* Add output_html_doctype to XML::Twig constructor for upcoming XML::Twig release.
* Add form name test.
* Expand Template::Flute's POD on specification, template, forms and lists.
0.0011 Thu Aug 25 10:33:21 2011 CEST
* Remove all of multiple invisible containers from the HTML output.
0.0010 Fri Jul 1 15:33:01 2011 CEST
* Add include feature.
* Add expression feature for containers which offers a better control
on their visibility (e.g. container value="warnings|errors" for
message areas)
* Fix crash on i18n elements with key attribute.
* Prevent warning on i18n elements without name attribute.
* Clean up added i18n-key HTML attributes after translation has
been finished.
* Add test for i18n elements with key attribute.
0.0009 Tue Jun 21 14:24:57 2011 CEST
* Add lookup into object attributes for list iterators in case
specification is passed as object.
* Add support for checkboxes to Template::Flute::Form's fill method.
* Let HTML templates handled by File::Slurp and the encoding
determined by the specification.
* Turn second bless in Template::Flute's constructor into a
simple return.
* Add documentation about iterators parameter for Template::Flute's
0.0008 Tue May 31 21:56:38 2011 CEST
* Add keep attribute to field element with possible value "empty_value"
to preserve HTML option tags with empty value.
* Add support for auto_iterators to forms.
* Add iterators method to Template::Flute::Form class.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined value in Template::Flute::Form's
fill method.
* Accept 0 as value for list inputs.
* Prevent crashes from parsing empty strings for the hook operator.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined $value in Template::Flute::HTML's
set_selected method.
* Prevent warning caused by undefined $rep_str in Template::Flute's
_replace_within_elts method.
* Add test for select tags inside forms.
0.0007 Fri Apr 22 10:47:36 2011 CEST
* Renamed Template::Flute::Specification method element_by_class
to elements_by_class to match the changed return value.
* Allows two elements like params or values to tie to the same class.
* Enable passing specification and/or template as string to the
Template::Flute constructor.
* Add support for field attribute to value element.
* Add tests for HTML attribute targets and Template::Flute::I18N class.
* Add test for textarea in forms.
* Add "SYNOPSIS" section to POD for Template::Flute::I18N class.
0.0006 Sun Apr 3 07:09:34 2011 CEST
* Declare dependency on HTML::TreeBuilder.
0.0005 Fri Apr 1 17:35:30 2011 CEST
* Accept full parameter in Template::Flute::Utils::derive_filename function.
This is useful to resolve relative paths, e.g for images in a HTML document.
Also add test for this function.
* Fix tests to handle missing Config::Scoped module gracefully.
0.0004 Thu Mar 31 21:21:59 2011 CEST
* Resolve iterator name to object for lists.
* Add process_template method to Template::Flute class.
* Add Template::Flute::Iterator::JSON class.
* Apply replacement to src attribute instead of tag body for HTML <img> tags.
* Add iterators method to Template::Flute::HTML class.
* Fix MANIFEST and remove unused dist.ini file.
* Add "See also", fix Synopsis and constructor documentation
for Template::Flute::Iterator class.
0.0003 Tue Mar 29 15:52:11 2011 CEST
* Add auto_iterators parameter to Template::Flute class.
* Add seed method to Template::Flute::Iterator class.
* Add hook operation to value elements.
* Add specification method to Template::Flute class.
* Add documentation about value elements to Template::Flute's POD.
* Fix wrong POD headers for some methods in Template::Flute::List class.
* Fixed wrong module name Template::Zoom in Workflow POD section.
Thanks to Terrence Brannon for the report.
* Fix duplicate "METHODS" POD header in Template::Flute::List class.
0.0002 Mon Mar 14 08:39:23 2011 CET
* Add missing modules Template::Flute::Utils and
Template::Flute::Container to MANIFEST.
0.0001 Sun Mar 13 15:40:50 2011 CET
* Initial release.