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DevOps JSON defines a well-known URI for DevOps information.
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DevOps JSON defines a well-known URI for DevOps information.


schema and contain the specification itself.


Public instance:

Or run this app:
cd devopsjson

Then visit: http://localhost:3000/


If the schema or examples change, please ensure that the tests still pass:



The vision of this project is to:

  • Define this spec
  • Provide a DevOps JSON validation service at
  • Provide a DevOps JSON registration app for public devops.json endpoints.
  • Provide a DevOps Dashboard cloneable app that bootstraps on top of the DevOps JSON spec.
  • Encourage developers everywhere to implement this spec and build additional services and apps on top.

Why you might care


Access to critical and likely-uptodate service information.

For example, when an operational problem or security exploit is found, one can immediately retrieve a list of operations or security contacts, as well as potentially read-only access to related services such as PagerDuty on-call schedules.


Standard API for aggregating information across services.

For example, one might build a dashboard that graphs dependencies between services, as well as pulls in monitoring information, so that the consequences of operational problems across the network are apparent.

Bootstrapping and Automation

Having a standard spec encourages apps such as the gutsy DevOps Dashboard, which bootstraps the initial framework and automatically reflects not only the most recent raw devops.json data, but also realizes related links such as on-call rotations.

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