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Gutsy DevOps Dashboard

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Gutsy is an app for an out-of-the-box DevOps Dashboard built on top of a DevOps JSON URI.

The goal is to reflect not only the most recent raw devops.json data, but also to realize related links such as on-call rotations.


Crawl a devops.json endpoint

Save a devops.json endpoint ./fixtures/ OR Edit lib/settings.js to point to a devops.json: "Full": "********" and run the crawler to download it.

git submodule update --init
cp lib/settings.js.example lib/settings.js
mkdir fixtures

Note: on production deployments, you may need to edit lib/settings.js to an absolute path:

exports.saved_crawls_path = "/ABSOLUTE/PATH/fixtures";


Run the web app:

npm start

Then go to: http://localhost:3000 Pages are currently cached for 5 minutes in the local node process to avoid lengthy API calls.


npm test

In order for --coverage to work, you'll need to install node-jscoverage and jscoverage

$ brew install jscoverage
$ npm install -g jscoverage

To run tests without installing jscoverage:



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