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Command line utility for Rackspace Cloud Monitoring (MaaS).

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Rackspace Monitoring CLI

Command line utility for rackspace-monitoring library.


Utility can be installed using pip:

sudo pip install rackspace-monitoring-cli

Note: If you don't use a virtual environment the library needs to be installed under the user which has a write permission to /usr/local/bin where the script files are installed.

Settings Credentials

Credentials can be set in a configuration file (~/.raxrc) or you can pass them manually to each command.

Example configuration file



Certificate verification

Libcloud verifies server SSL certificate by default. This means you need to have the correct CA certificate files installed on your computer for this library to work.

If Libcloud cannot find CA ertificate files, you will see an error similar to the one bellow:

"RuntimeError: No CA Certificates were found in CA_CERTS_PATH."

This can be addresses by installing the CA certificate files. Bellow you can find the names of the packages which include CA certificate files.

  • openssl on CentOS/Fedora (yum)
  • ca-certificates on Debian/Ubuntu/Arch/Gentoo (apt-get)
  • ca_root_nss on FreeBSD (ports)
  • curl-ca-bundle on Mac OS X (ports)

Using bash completion

source contrib/



command [--username=<username>] [--api-key=<api key>] [..options..]

View available options

command --help

Specifying lists and dictionaries


Use a comma delimited string. For example:

raxmon-checks-create --monitoring-zones=mzA,mzB,mzC


Use a comma delimited string of key=value pairs. For example

raxmon-entities-create --metadata="location=server room,tag=foobar"



  • raxmon-monitoring-zones-list [--details]
  • raxmon-entities-list [--details]
  • raxmon-checks-list --entity-id=<enId> [--details]
  • raxmon-alarms-list --entity-id=<enId> [--details]
  • raxmon-check-types-list [--details]
  • raxmon-notifications-list [--details]
  • raxmon-notification-types-list [--details]
  • raxmon-alarm-changelogs-list [--details]
  • raxmon-audits-list [--details]
  • raxmon-limits-list [--details]


  • raxmon-entities-create --label=<label> --ip_address=<ip1=,ip2=> --metadata=<foo=bar,bar=foo>
  • raxmon-checks-create --label=<label> --type=<check type> --monitoring-zones=<monitoring zones> --details=<details> [--target-alias=<target alias>] [--target-resolver=<target resolver>] [--timeout=<timeout>] [--period=<period>]
  • raxmon-alarms-create --entity-id=<entity id> --criteria=<criteria> --notification-plan-id=<notification plan id> [--check-type=<check type>] [--check-id=<check id>]
  • raxmon-notifications-create --label --type=<type> --details=<details>
  • raxmon-notification-plans-create --label=<label> [--critical-state=<critical state notification object ids>] [--warning-state=<warning state notification object ids>] [--ok-state=<ok state notification object ids>]


  • raxmon-entities-update --id=<entity id> [--label=<label>] [--ip_address=<ip1=,ip2=>] [--metadata=<foo=bar,bar=foo>]
  • raxmon-checks-update --entity-id=<entity id> --id=<check id> [--label=<label>] [--type=<check type>] [--monitoring-zones=<monitoring zones>] [--details=<details>] [--target-alias=<target alias>] [--target-resolver=<target resolver>] [--timeout=<timeout>] [--period=<period>]
  • raxmon-alarms-update --entity-id=<entity id> --id=<alarm id>\ [--criteria=<criteria>] [--notification-plan-id=<notification plan id>] [--check-type=<check type>] [--check-id=<check id>]
  • raxmon-notifications-update --id=<notification id> [--label=<label>] [--type=<type>] [--details=<details>]
  • raxmon-notification-plans-update --id=<notification plan id> [--label=<label>] [--critical-state=<critical state notification object ids>] [--warning-state=<warning state notification object ids>] [--ok-state=<ok state notification object ids>]


  • raxmon-entities-delete --id=<entity id> [--delete-children]
  • raxmon-checks-delete --entity-id=<parent entity id> --id=<check id>
  • raxmon-alarms-delete --entity-id=<parent entity id> --id=<alarm id>
  • raxmon-notifications-delete --id=<notification id>
  • raxmon-notification-plans-delete --id=<notification plan id>


  • raxmon-views-overview

Issues, Feedback

Please use Github issue tracker or send an email to

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