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SIP - C/C++ Bindings Generator for Python v2 and v3

The SIP documentation (including installation instructions) can be found in the
``doc`` directory.

Building from the Mercurial Repository

If you are using a copy of SIP cloned from the Mercurial repository, or are
using a Mercurial archive, then you have to prepare it first before you follow
the normal installation instructions.

The preparation is done using the ```` script which can be found in the
same directory as this ``README`` file.  If it isn't there then you probably
have a packaged release and should just follow the normal installation

The ```` script requires that ``flex`` and ``bison``, and the Mercurial
Python bindings are installed.  If you want to create the HTML documentation
then Sphinx must also be installed.

To prepare run the following::

    python prepare

Note that ```` is a Python v2 script.

Now you can follow the normal installation instructions.

The ```` script has other useful commands, use the ``--help`` option to
see the details.
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