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Ansible playbook(s) and examples for provisioning a simple MongoDB (including MongoDB 3.0). This is good (for now) for folks wanting to poke at MongoDB (especially 3.0) and be able to easily (re)create environments as they go.


  • Ansible (1.8.x)
  • Git (1.9.x)


A couple pre-requisites for the target environment must be true:

  • The host is already setup, this doesn't dynamically provision hosts (yet). It can be localhost, Rackspace, AWS, or whatever. Your machine just needs to be able to route to it.
  • Public SSH key on hosts to be provisioned as root. Ansible requires this step.
  • RHEL/CentOS (for now..)


Configuration is as one would expect. This playbook makes extensive use of roles. Once the roles are installed, tweaks to the configuration can be made. It should be noted that this install sets up MongoDB's default security.

# clone the repo
git clone
cd ansible-mongodb

# edit hosts file, and change <MYIP> to the ip address of the host to provision
vi hosts.txt

# install the required roles

# alter the default config (or at least inspect it for being correct)
vi roles/ansible-roles_mongodb-install/defaults/main.yml


Provisioning is simply running the shell script to run the Ansible playbook

# provision!

Now you should be able to connect like:

mongo --host=<MYIP> --port=<MYPORT> --username=<username> --password=<password>

Getting help

If you have problems, issues, please enter them here in Github, or hit me up @kennygorman.